Blue Diamond

Hello! So, blog ideas have been coming to me very slowly. Today I’m writing about one of my favorite Steven Universe characters, Blue Diamond. Now, for anyone who has seen the show I know she isn’t the best character, but I enjoy her concept and design along with her story. First, I’m going to talk about the show a bit for anyone who is unfamiliar.

Steven Universe is a show that follows a boy, Steven, on his adventures with the crystal gems. All the gems in this show are based off real crystals, and I find that very interesting especially seeing the character designs. The crystal gems are a group with Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet. They were a part of a rebellion against home world with Rose Quarts leading it. Steven is Rose’s son. She did die unfortunately after shattering pink diamond, the leader of home world at the time. Home world is now mostly led by yellow and blue diamond. Eventually, the crystal gems grow adding Peridot and Lapis Lazuli. These two gems are from home world and must learn how the world works and how to live there. They live in a small town of Beach city, Delmarva. The gems live in an ancient beachside temple. The story follows Steven trying to learn the powers of his mother, as he inherited his mother’s gem. He’s a half-human half-gem.

Now, lets talk about Blue Diamond. She is a home world gem and a member of the Great Diamond Authority, who formerly ruled the gem race. The diamonds are very large characters in appearance. Blue specifically looks smaller due to her hunch and large cloak. She acts as an enforcer and arbiter of Gem society. She has a reputation for mercy and forgiveness. After Rose Quarts shattered pink diamond blue fell into a prolonged state of grief and depression Unable to let go of the past, Blue becomes fixated on preserving Pink Diamonds legacy. Blue is unable to understand humans as well. She was shocked when Greg, Steven’s dad, was able to comprehend and sympathize her pain of loosing a loved one.

Not much was revealed about Blue diamonds past. Over the course of thousands of years, she amassed a great amount of respect, colonies, and Gems. Her tole in the Great Diamond Authority was one of diplomacy, she enforced White Diamonds rules on home world. When pink diamond was created all of the diamonds grew a close relationship with her. When pink was locked in a tower as punishment, Blue would come to reprimand her for her wrongdoing. Pink diamond created a human zoo when home world was planning to take over earth. Blue kept the legacy of this zoo after pink was shattered.

Makeup looks I want to try one day

These include several looks from eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, etc. I included some I would wear on an average day not too impractical. I found l my pictures on Pinterest. I included 10 looks because I can’t say much about them but will describe the process to achieve the look.

This is look number 1. On the scale of how hard it would be to do I’d say 5/10. You just do the base first of course for all the looks. Then for this look she just blended a pink eyeshadow up to her eyebrow. Then it’s just a simple wing. It doesn’t matter what wing shape you choose to do but hers is a more upward rhomboid shape. After she applied a very light amount of black eyeshadow underneath her eyes. This is to make the eyeliner she drags down to look slightly more blended and natural. Now for the eyeliner underneath. She simply just drags the lines down with an unsteady hand to create a jagged effect. She created some of the lines coming from a separate line also (think of it like lightning.) There are only two more steps. She uses a white eyeliner pencil to exaggerate the size of her eyes by putting it in her waterline and slightly under her eye. Then she glues lashes on and done!

This look is fairly simple if you have a steady hand. I would give it a 7.5/10. You start out with the pink eyeshadow. Take a slightly smaller angular brush and shape out your design. You’re going to want to outline where you plan on putting your eyeliner. For the eyeliner I’m going to provide some tips to make the process slightly easier. I would use a smaller tipped eyeliner pen and do your basic eyeliner shape. This provides a stencil basically for you to outline. I would then take a liquid liner with the handheld brush to outline and fill in the stencil. White in the waterline and some lashes and its done.

This look I’d say is an 8/10. She started by doing a smokey wing and there are three ways to do it. You can do a normal wing with eyeliner then smoke it out with some eyeshadow, I recommend doing this option. Second, you can do the whole wing in eyeshadow. Third, you can use an eyeliner pencil or gel. After you create the wing in your preferred way you can make the inner corner wing. Then the butterfly. This look has a lot of small details so I personally would go straight in with the liquid eyeliner. First make the wing shape and thickness. Then do the details down the cheek with an unsteady hand. Lastly make your inside designs and put on the lashes. She left a gap on her undereye to make the eyes look bigger. If you really want to exaggerate the eye with this, then add white.

For look number 2, hardness scale of 7/10. She starts out with heavy blush around the eyes and nose for the pink effect. Then it’s just red eyeshadow under the eye an upwards following the shape you’re going to want for your wing. After that you create the wing. Her wing is very large and dramatic which is what I would do as well. She also used red eyeshadow on the tip of her eyebrow, and I don’t know how I feel about that for myself, but I’d try it. For the top spider webs, you basically just follow your eyeliner shape as if you’re bringing it to your eyebrow arch. The bottom set is the same process. You drag your middle line out in line with your wing. The line to the left just comes out and the line to the right hugs your undereye line. Lastly is white in the water line with an eyeliner pencil and highlighter on the inner corner.

This look is quite simple I would say 5/10. She started with filing her eyebrows in black. Then you just drag that down from the eyebrow to your nose bridge. She aligned this with her eye’s inner corner. Next is the eyeshadow underneath her eyebrow. She just packs and bends the line in the shape of her wing. She then drags that to her inner corner making a small wing there. Next is the eyeline, very simple, just make your desired wing. After that just blend some black eyeshadow underneath the eye. She included a line down the middle underneath her eye that you just do with your eyeliner. Done!

I would give this look a 6.5/10. First, you’d place the red eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid and blend that out to where you’re going to end the liner. Next, I would personally do the main liner next rather than the design under the brow. Just make your wing low enough to connect to your under eye so you can form the black underneath. Then draw your 4 lines out from the under eye and the little heart under the longest line. Now the upper design you just make a thin line following your main eyeliner wing, then a red heart. Lastly, make your design in the center with red liquid liner, lips and lashes, done!

This look I would rate a 7/10. You could do this look in any color you wanted. Its not very many steps. First, make a normal wing dragged slightly under the eye and a small inner corner. Next, you want to start the top design at the bottom of your wing where it thins out and draw your design. The bottom design you follow your eye shape but make it more angular then add all your hearts. Lips and lashes, Done!

Games I’ve been playing recently

Batman: Arkham Asylum

This is my 100th time playing this game. I’ve had it for years. It came out in 2009. In Batman: Arkham Asylum the Joker takes over Arkham Island. Arkham Island is where the asylum it built by itself. You navigate through this asylum with many challenges and boss fights. Some of the bosses include Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and Bane. There are several side missions that are involved with the story that make this game quite long. While batman is trapped in this asylum Joker threatens Gotham with hidden bombs around the city. The batman games are definitely on my top 5 favorites. I’ve collected and played them all and I love them so much.


Slime Rancher

Now, we tone it down a bit with Slime Rancher. This game is absolutely adorable. In Slime Rancher you play as Beatrix LeBeau, an explorer. You own a ranch in a large area that she has been sent to. From there you explore and build up your ranch by collecting the many different types of slimes. You build them a pen that is upgradable. You can also make hybrid slimes. From there you have to grow food to feed each slime, but they are picky. Some only eat meat, fruit, or veggies. After you feed them, they give you plorts, which is like a little crystal. You sell the plorts for money and build up your ranch.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Black ops III takes place in 2065, 40 years after black ops II. You basically go through your missions to complete the game while the world is in upheaval from climate change and new technology. Your character is cybernetically advanced. This game also has zombies and nightmare mode. I mostly play cod for the online gameplay. I love playing free for all, basically you’re on a map and you don’t have a team.


Cyberpunk 2077

This game, obviously, takes place in 2077 where the world is extremely technologically advanced, and money is the only way to have status. You create your own character, but their name is V regardless. In the story you complete several missions until you unlock the real story. This game is extremely long. If you were to sit down and play it nonstop with 0 breaks it is 60 hours long. In the story V struggles with a mysterious cybernetic implant that threatens to overwrite their body with the personality and memories of a deceased celebrity only seen by V. You must work with the celebrity to save V’s life.

Where I like to buy clothes

I didn’t really know what to write about this week so I’m going to talk about where I shop most. I may not do it often due to stress or something, but I love to dress up. I love fashion and makeup. I’m just going to name a few stores or online stores, what i get from there most, and a 1-10 on how expensive it is. 


I’m not one of those people who hate Walmart items just because it’s Walmart. I get a lot of my makeup here, and a few clothing items. I like to gets pajamas and t-shirts from here. The pricing I would give a 4/10 on makeup and clothes.


Shein and Romwe are the same company with two names. I love getting clothes from here for the good price and cute clothing. I get a variety of everything from these places. The pricing scale I would give a 2/10 it isn’t very expensive.

Hot topic/Spencers

I decided to group these two together because they are quite similar in the area of clothing. I mainly get t-shirts from them, but Hot Topic I like their skirts. I love the jewelry from both of these stores its my favorite to look at. Pricing though I’m going to say 6/10. $30 is quite pricey for a shirt, and a single pair of earrings is $7 and the multi packs of earrings are $9-12.


My 5 favorite live action actors of The Joker

#5 Jared Leto in Suicide Squad

In all honesty, he sucked. I hate this version of the joker and how they try to play him as like a mob boss cartel style thing. Joker was never like that really. Even down to the design I can’t stand this reenactment. The grills, the fit, the hair, and the tattoos just don’t give Joker. Along with this joker I also cannot stand the Harley Quinn. I love Margot Robbie and she fits the role it’s just the design and everything. I think Jared Leto could’ve played the joker 100%. Who ever was over the design is who messed it up mostly.

#4- Cameron Monaghan in Gotham

I love this version and I love the show. They just made him a little different but unlike Jared Leto’s he is likeable. I don’t have too much to say about him, but I think it was well done by Cameron Monaghan and design wasn’t bad either.

#3 Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

I love love love this version. The only reason he isn’t higher up is because he isn’t a classic. He is new. I think Joaquin was the best actor they could’ve been casted for this. He played it out so well and the dedication he went through on set was crazy. I love the design they really brought it back to the classic Batman animated series type of suit. It isn’t your usually joker makeup, but I still really enjoyed that difference in it.

#2 Jack Nicholson in Batman ’89

I just love Jack Nicholson to be honest. The way he played Joker was more of the funny clown type of style. Back to the comics and original styles and I love that. When a show or movie is made the more, they base it to the comic’s accuracy the more ill love it.

#1 Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

My all time favorite. Every popular quote from the joker came from this movie. Heath Ledger did a 10/10 job. Down to the costume, makeup, acting it was all so well done. It lured to more of the side of joker that wants power and that is obsessed with the Batman, and I love that because that’s what makes Joker. I also want to mention how dedicated Heath Ledger was during his time on set. This role messed up many actors mental and physical health, but they performed through it and deserve recognition. RIP to Heath Ledger.

My favorite youtubers and the games I enjoy watching them play

My favorite youtubers and which game they play I enjoy most


My significant other got me into Berleezy several months back when we just got together. Ive been watching him since then. He plays a very large variety of games. Honestly im not sure what to pick for my most enjoyed. I would have to say it’s more of a certain game developer rather than one game. The developer is Chilla’s Art, and I enjoy watching Berleezy play those the most because they are much more underground.

Clare Shiobhan

I got hooked on this woman when I was 14. She is one of my top 3 favorites. Her channel mostly centers around Sims 4 content, which is the game I’m going to say is my favorite to watch. She did the not so berry challenge and that would have to be my favorite collection of her videos. I also really enjoyed her playthrough of Hackett’s Quarry. I binged both series for a long time.


Of course, I had to add Mark. Everyone should’ve guessed he would be on here. We also probably know which series is my favorite, Five Nights at Freddy’s. I have rewatched the fnaf playlist too many times to count. Mark’s entire channel is a chef’s kiss.

Hailey Elizabeth

Hailey does almost everything on her channel regarding true crime. I like letting her videos play at night to go to sleep to or when I drive, I can listen to them. She covers true crime, serial killers, conspiracy theories, etc. I mainly enjoy watching her true crime videos, and she does her makeup while she talks, I enjoy watching her do that too.


Ranboo plays all kinds of games. It’s hard to only pick one. I enjoy Splatoon, Hackett’s quarry, and slime rancher the most. He is someone I watch mostly to pass time and let play in the back ground.

My top 5 favorite FNAF games

This week’s blog I totally forgot about. So, last minute, I have to present to you my favorite Five Nights at Freddy’s games. I’m going to do my top 5 from least to most favorited.

#5 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

In FNAF Security Breach you play as a small child, Gregory. You team up with Freddy to escape the pizzeria without being caught by security, Vanessa. In this game it features the Glamrock animatronics. I don’t hate the physical design of them, but I feel they are missing something. Everyone is mad about the replacement for two previous animatronics, Bonnie and Foxy. I know Roxy was supposed to be like Foxy, but she is not like Foxy. At all. I hate her. Case closed. Anyway, I am more upset about Bonnie being gone because that rabbit is an icon. He deserves to be there frfr. There are theories as to why he isn’t there. He was replaced by a big alligator names Monty :/. I like this game it isn’t hated, but there are small things I would personally change.

#4 Five Nights at Freddy’s

This is the very first OG game, FNAF 1. In FNAF 1 you are a night watch security guard. The entire game resides in a small security office with two doors and a set of cameras. You watch the cameras for the four animatronics who are trying to kill you. When they approach the doors, you shut them. You have to be careful though, because your power supply will run out and shut down. When that happens, it turns to a dark screen, and Freddy lights up to sing you a lullaby before he kills you. I absolutely love this game. I only put it at #4 because it isn’t my favorite. I don’t have anything bad to say the game itself is a basic first game with the four original characters. Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, and Chica.

#3 Pizzeria Simulator

In FNAF pizzeria simulator you start by investing into your own pizza place. This game has an entirely different concept of the original gameplay. You run your own pizzeria and you have to keep it a safe and healthy environment. Failing to do so can result in being sued or blacklisted. That isn’t the true gameplay though. After the pizzeria closes you have a long list of tasks to do on a computer. Beside you in the office are two vents. Also, on the computer is a ventilation system with motion tracking, a way to turn off your air conditioning, and your tasks of course. You can send fake noises through the vents to lure your animatronics away. Now, how did you get those animatronics? Every night you get a broken down animatronic from the ally of your pizzeria. You can choose to salvage it or throw it out. If you salvage it, you have to survive the check list then you get to keep it. If you keep it the animatronic enters your pizzeria. I spent most of this description describing the game because I love this game. I’ve spent many hours playing it.

#2 Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

Unlike the other games this one takes place in a child’s bedroom. You play as Afton’s middle child, Evan. Afton conditioned Evan to be terrified of the animatronics to try and avoid Evan being killed by them. Afton would send his broken animatronics late at night to scare Evan. They would be in his halls coming towards his doors and Foxy would be in his closet. There is more lore to this specific game but that is the basics. I have nothing bad to say about this game it is one of my main favorites.

#1 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

This game is definitely my favorite so I’m going to give you the full extent of the plot. This game follows the closing of a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria location. William Afton decides to move away from the Fazbear Entertainment and start his own line of children’s entertainment. He then founded Afton Robotics Inc. and created the Funtime animatronics. In reality, these animatronics were kidnapping machines. They were solely created for Afton’s desire to murder children. Eventually in this game one of the animatronics would kill Afton’s youngest daughter, Elizabeth. He called his place Circus Baby’s Pizza World. The main animatronic he created was Circus Baby, along with Funtime Freddy, Ballora, Funtime Foxy, Ennard, Funtime Lolbit, and some smaller animatronics (Bon-Bon, BidyBab, Yenndo). In the game you are Michael Afton, Williams oldest son. You seek to find out what’s going on behind these pizzerias. As you venture through the game Circus Baby exposes to Michael her secrets before she kills him in the end.

Hauntings of Mississippi

          If you are a horror enthusiast like me this blog about the paranormal should peek your interests. I thought I would mix up my blog a bit and tap into a bunch of different topics. I have to do this for almost 10 months so, today I’m talking about the most haunted places in Mississippi. Most of these stories I cannot find a lot of information for, but this was still just as interesting to me.

McRaven House

Vicksburg, MS

This home once served as a confederate campsite and hospital. It’s believed that at least 11 people were buried on the McRaven property. It is said to be the home to several ghosts: Mary Elizabeth Howard (died in childbirth in 1836), John Bobb (killed by union soldiers in 1864), William Murray (passed in 1911). This house was built in three different time periods, 1790’s, 1830’s, and 1840’s. A man named Riley, who works for the Mississippi Paranormal Society, worked at McRaven many times. He said he had many paranormal experiences there including doors opening, hearing footsteps, and disembodied voices.

King’s Tavern

Natchez, MS

King’s Tavern is the oldest standing building in Natchez, circa 1789. An expansion of the tavern in the 1930’s uncovered a space behind a wall that housed three skeletons. Legend says, Madeline, mistress of the tavern’s founder Richard King, haunts the tavern.  

China Grove Church

Hattiesburg, MS

At this church they have a painting of Jesus that is said to cry blood. The ghost of a man also haunts the nearby fields. The man was killed by his own tractor. Also, the ghost of a woman who sits on a bridge at midnight.

Witch of Yazoo Grave Site

Yazoo City

In the center of Glenwood Cemetery, there is a grave surrounded by chain links known to be “The Witches Grave.” According to a legend, the witch lived on the Yazoo River, luring fisherman in. Law enforcement caught her and chased her into the swamps. She would then be drowned in quicksand trying to make her escape. As she sank, she swore revenge on Yazoo City and its people. “In 20 years, I will return and burn this town to the ground!”  No one thought much of it at the time. Then came May 25, 1904…The Fire of 1904 destroyed more than 200 residences and nearly every business in Yazoo City – 324 buildings in total.

Mont Helena

Rolling Fork

Mont Helena is a home in Rolling Fork with a long reputation of being haunted. It was built as a retirement home for Helen and George Harris in 1896. Their home sits at the top of a ceremonial Indian mound in the Delta region. Locals recount sightings of a lady dressed in a white gown peering out of windows or standing in the front yard. The property has been investigated by the Mississippi Paranormal Society, with recorded electronic voice phenomena captured, shadowed figures observed, and orbs captured in photos.

Animal Crossing dreamies

This is a second part to my animal crossing blogs. Today, we are compiling a list of the 10 villagers I dream of being on my island at once. If any of these villagers wanted to move in I would kick anyone else out :D. Let us begin.



Ankha is a snooty cat villager. I’m sure we all know why I want Ankha on my island but that is a secret. She is based on Ankh, an Egyptian hieroglyphic character that reads “life”. Ankha loves cherries and is allergic to apples. Her birthday is September 22nd (the day before mine) making her a Virgo. Her catchphrase is me meow, and her quote is “All that glitter is not gold.” Her hobby is the play hobby.


Bob is a lazy cat villager. Now, I have no reason to want bob. Just look at him. Who would not want Bob on their island. His birthday is January 1st, he is a Capricorn. His catchphrase is pthhpth. His quote is “You only live once…or nine times.” Bob likes Kilimanjaro coffee. His hobby is play. Bob was the first villager designed in animal crossing.



Raymond is a smug cat villager with the nature hobby. He is an October 1st Libra. Raymond’s catch phrase is crisp, and his quote is “Stay on brand!” Raymond doesn’t have a favorite coffee. He is a businessman and counselor. Since he doesn’t have a favorite coffee I will tell you his favorite song, K.K. Cruisin’. All the villagers have a favorite song by K.K. Slider, but I left that out for most of them.  


Sasha is a lazy rabbit villager. Despite the looks, Sasha is a male villager and the first and currently the only male villager with the fashion hobby. Sasha is a May 19th Taurus. His catch phrase is hoppity, and his quote is “Timing is everything.” I also don’t see his favorite coffee, but his favorite songs are K.K. Lovers and K.K. Robot Synth.


Coco is a normal rabbit villager with the education hobby. Coco is the only villager whose face does not change or make expressions. She is one of the only few villagers who are technically not animals. She is based off a coconut. Her catch phrase is doyoing, and her quote is “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” She is a March 1st Pisces. Her skill is writing backwards, and her goal is to be an astronaut. Her favorite coffee is mocha, regular amount of milk, and two spoons of sugar.


Diana is a snooty deer villager. She is also the only deer villager with that personality. Her name comes from Diana, the roman goddess of the hunt, whose symbol was a deer. She has the education hobby. Her catch phrase is no doy, and her quote is “Sometimes you have to lose to win.” Her skill is playing poker and her goal in life is to be a dermatologist. Her favorite coffee is Kilimanjaro.


Lily is a normal frog villager. She has the education hobby. She is a February 4th Aquarius. She has a skill in calligraphy, and the goal to be a professor. Her favorite coffee is mocha, a small amount of milk, and one spoon of sugar. Her name derives from lily pads. Her catch phrase is toadally or toady, and her quote is “Don’t jump to conclusions!”


Stitches is a lazy cub villager. He is based off a young child’s worn stuffed animal. This is also the reason for the child like furniture in his home. He is a February 10th Aquarius. His catch phrase is stuffin’. His quote is “A stitch in time saves nine!” His skill is forgetting things and his goal is to become a lawyer. He likes his coffee blend with a little milk and one spoon of sugar.


Ketchup is a peppy duck villager. She can only move into a village if the player has her e-card. She has the play hobby and is obviously based on a tomato. Her catch phrase is bitty, and her quote is “When in doubt, eat a tomato!” Her skill is chopping vegetables and her goal is to be a pop star. She like Kilimanjaro coffee with a little milk and one spoon of sugar.

Ranking the villagers on my Animal Crossing Island

So, the FNAF lore blog didn’t quite work out. It got WAYYY too long, so I switched gears. Therefore, these are my Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers ranked from favorite to least favorite. In the next blog I am going to put together my dream set of 10 villagers (if I can choose 10). Thinking of turning blogging into animal crossing every week…jkjk…..maybe.

  1. Flurry

Flurry holds the #1 spot. She is one of my favorite villagers by far. She is a hamster villager with the normal personality type. Her hobby is the nature hobby. She is outdoors a lot catching insects or reading. Flurry is an Aquarius being born January 30th. Her goal is to be a superhero and her skill is peeling apples. I know she sounds slightly boring out loud, but she is the sweetest and very cute. Each villager also has a favorite coffee. Flurry’s is mocha. Each villager also has a quote and catch phrase. Flurry’s catch phrase is powderpuff. She typically uses is as a nick name. Her quote is “Squeak your mind, even is your voice shakes.”


  1. Tangy

I absolutely love Tangy. She is a little cat villager with the preppy personality type. Her name “Tangy” comes from the sharp taste of citrus fruit. She is a Gemini being born on June 17th. Tangy’s goal is to become a hairdresser, and her skill is doing handstands. Tangy has a hobby in music. Her favorite coffee is Blue Mountain, two spoons of sugar, and the regular amount of milk. 

  1. Chrissy

I absolutely adore Chrissy. She is a rabbit villager with the peppy personality type. Chrissy’s name come from Christina Aguilera because she wants to be a famous pop star. Chrissy shares her appearance with her sister, Francine. Chrissy is a Virgo with the birthday August 28th. Her skill is staying awake and a goal of hers is to model. Her favorite coffee is blue mountain, lots of milk, and three spoons of sugar. Chrissy’s catch phrase is reeeeOWR. Her quote is “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

  1. Molly

Molly is a duck villager with the normal personality. Molly has the nature hobby as well. She is a Pisces with her birthday being March 7th. Molly’s skill includes drawing circles. Her goal is to become a florist. Molly likes blue mountain coffee with lots of milk and three spoons of sugar. Molly’s catch phrase is quackidee, used as a nick name. Her quote is “Like water off a duck’s back.”

  1. Francine

Francine is the sister of Chrissy. She is a rabbit with the snooty personality type. Her hobby is fashion. There are twenty-two rabbit villagers but Francine and one other, Tiffany, are the only ones with the snooty personality. Francine is an Aquarius being born on January 22nd. Her skill is pretending to sleep, and her goal is to be a designer. Her favorite coffee is Kilimanjaro, a little bit of milk, and one spoon of sugar. Her catch phrase is karat. Francine’s quote is “You can’t have wise men if you don’t have fools too.”


  1. Shari

Shari is a monkey villager. She has the music hobby. Shari has the sisterly personality type. Which means she acts as a sister to you and other villagers. She will give you medicine when your sick, fighting tips, and teach you ways to relax. Shari is an Aries being born on April 10th. Her skill is remembering things and her goal is figure skating. Her favorite coffee is Blend, no milk, and no sugar. Shari’s catchphrase is cheeky. Her quote is “A good start leads to a good end.”

  1. Chai

Chai is a peppy elephant villager based off the Hello Kitty character Cinnamoroll. Chai, along with Chelsea and Marty, are not available freely in the animal crossing world. You have to buy the Hello Kitty amiibo card pack to “unlock” them. Of course, I bought it off amazon. But chai is named after the tea Chai tea, hence the teacup. Chai has the play hobby. She is a March 6th Pisces. She has a skill in napping and her goal is to own a café. Her favorite coffee is blend with no milk and no sugar. Chai’s catch phrase is flap flap. Her quote is “He who chases two rabbits catches none.”

  1. Chelsea

I personally have Chelsea for appearance. If she asked to move out, I would be fine with it. Chelsea is a deer villager based off the Hello Kitty character My Melody. She has the play hobby. Chelsea is a January 18th Capricorn. Her skill is making sweets and her goal is to be a pastry chef. Her favorite coffee is mocha, lots of milk, 3 spoons of sugar. Chelsea’s catch phrase is pound cake. Her quote is “Always look a gift horse in the mouth.” No clue what that means:D. 

  1. Marty

Marty is very sweet, and I love him, but I couldn’t find a place for him any higher on the list. Marty is a bear villager based on Pom Pom Purin from hello kitty. He has the lazy personality, and his hobby is play. Marty is an April 16th Aries. His skill includes hiding shoes, and his goal is to be a baker. His favorite coffee is blue mountain with no sugar or milk. Marty’s catch phrase is pompom. His quote is “Just wait until i get started!”

  1. Bianca

I do not particularly love Bianca. She was one of the first 4 villagers on my island. She has just grown to annoy me quite often, so I’m just waiting for her to ask to move out. She is a peppy tiger villager with the play hobby. Bianca is a December 13th Sagittarius. Her skill is vaulting, and her goal is figure skating. Her favorite coffee is Kilimanjaro with no milk or sugar. Her catch phrase is glimmer. Her quote is “There is a such thing as love at first sight.”