Part 2 of previous blog. AKA: Me Drooling Over Fictional Foods for 400 Words or More

You know the drill.

1. Pretty Patties from Spongebob 

Mr. Krabs is such a hater for not giving these a proper chance. I don’t even care if they turned my feet orange or whatever. They look so good, I mean they’re not called pretty patties for no reason. 

2. Jelly Patty from Spongebob


I don’t know why but jellyfish jelly lathered on a Krabby Patty has always looked so good. This looks even better than a regular Krabby Patty, look at the size of that bite taken out the middle. 

3. These cakes from Nao Kai-Lan 


I desperately need a slice of all three of these cakes, especially the oreo one, it looks heavenly.

4. Chummy Joes from Spongebob 


I forgot what these were made out of if I am being honest but with the way that sea creature was swallowing these whole, I know they have to be good. Also in my opinion chum in general never looked that bad, like I’d eat an order of chum nuggets. 

5. Dumplings from Nao Kai-Lan


These dumplings give Kung fu Panda’s a run for their money, if they weren’t 2D I think they’d have KFP beat. The steam coming off them makes them look even more appetizing. I would sacrifice so much for just a bite of these. 

6. Sundaes from Spongebob


Just now realizing how much Spongebob has made it onto this list, I am starting to believe I have an obsession. To be completely transparent I am willing to eat almost anything from this show, but the way they make their ice cream look is unmatched in its appeal. I don’t even like cherries with my ice cream but I’d be willing to give it a shot. 

7. Salsa from Drake and Josh 


They were really putting in the work making this salsa, and although it got ruined by Meg I would still be willing to try a spoonful. Look at Josh’s apron and the way he’s handling the spoon I just KNOW it’s phenomenal. 

8. Peruvian Puff Pepper from Drake and Josh 


I know these were supposedly really spicy and almost impossible to eat but I think I could take it. I wouldn’t want to eat a whole pepper, just a slice, to see what all the ruckus was about. Apparently it’s also illegal so that increases my interest. 

9. Fat Cakes from ICarly 


On paper I would objectively hate these. I don’t like things that are overly sweet and I’m not huge on desserts and I imagine their marshmallow outside and their chocolate cake filling inside would make them far too sweet for me. They also have coconut shavings on top and I HATE coconut. So realistically these would not be for me but the way Sam ate these made them look so good. 

10. Jackson and Olivers Cheese and Jerky from Hannah Montana


They had lines upon lines of people waiting for these, I just want to understand the hype even though the cheese looks despicable.


Author: Sone’t Robinson

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5 thoughts on “Part 2 of previous blog. AKA: Me Drooling Over Fictional Foods for 400 Words or More”

  1. I was so thrilled to see that someone remembers that episode on SpongeBob about them Chum nuggets. I legit didn’t care that the restaurant was underground, they had a gift shop and that was good enough for me.

  2. It’s half your blog being food from SpongeBob for me, but I can’t blame you they really had all the food in that show looking extra eatable for some reason.

  3. MORE BASED CHOICES. This blog made me realize that the pineapple cake I’ve always envisioned when thinking of pineapple cake is literally the one from Kai-Lan. Would kill someone for a jelly patty too.

  4. I always thought the krabby patties looked so good and wanted to try them. Also the Jelly Patty??? It looks like they took one of the jellyfish from spongebob and stuck it on the burger. Idk if its actual jelly or a jellyfish on there but I’m guessing its a jellyfish based on what it looks like. Ew.

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