Day In My Life

* Authors note: This is about my best friend Ashton’s average high school day in the life. I didn’t feel like my day was exciting enough to post on here. I may do it one day but for now I hope this is interesting getting a peek into his life and how he balances his academics and multiple sports in a positive way. I hope you enjoy this week’s blog!* 

Day In My Life 

Waking up. 

My most recognized blessing 

I love the smell of cinnamon on my body 

I scratch an itch on my back 

Oh, how wonderful is that?  

Fed my dogs my most prized possessions of them all… 

What would I do without them I do not know, but I hope I will never know 

I feel alone as 3 buses pass me on my way to school 

I eat at home, so I pass the cafeteria 

So many souls in one place how do I reach them all 

Soul to soul heart to heart what will happen when we all part? 

I walk into class I examine all the sounds I am not a part of band, but I need it to make my world go ‘round… 

ACT PREP why can’t I just take the test? 

You cannot give me the questions so what am I prepping for? 

My next class is AP, how hard will it be? 

US history, do not get me started  

I do not want to be part of that party 

What history do I need to know about a place that industrialized and benefitted off the suffering of others… 

Now they are making me take college and career readiness 

What in the world am I getting ready for?  

An apocalypse?… 

Algebra 2 they just got that class out of the blue 

I have taken so much math I cannot fathom to add and subtract 

Athletics/ the only reason I come to school 

I hate learning but love running 

Going over plays is like making money 

I leave it all on the field and sometimes on the court  

The only way I could stop this cycle is to abort… 

The mission 

But that would mean giving up, and “momma didn’t raise no quitter” 

So, here I am every day getting on the bus, getting my way 

Whether it be in class or extracurricular  

The only way to succeed is never giving up! 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes Writing is much more than an art or a creative outlet for me. It's simply my life, if writing doesn't exist neither do I. I believe I was truly born at the most perfect unperfect time. Writing has matured so much and many more people respect it now as a career and there are schools that teach you how to creatively write. At the same time, most people in the world will judge you, because you don't do what they do and you don't follow the simple unhappy path that they've taken. Writing has made me comfortable in my own skin, it has taught me that there is no other in this universe like me. Writing has taught me to love myself and every thought that skips across my brain, because I am important. I am enough, I am me and that's all I have ever needed to be!

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  1. I love how you wrote this in a way the reader can not only get a glimpse of your friend’s life but also how he feels about different parts of his life. It allowed the reader to get to know him, and I really enjoyed reading it.

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