current rotation #1

the songs im really into right now! (8/22/22)

hello everyone! im going to start a little *unoriginal* series where i show some tracks that are in rotation for me currently:) now onto the songs,,,,

nero forte – slipknot 

i found this song during algebra II from a conjoined playlist locklyn and i have! i’ve been getting heavily into slipknot recently and i think this song takes the place as my favorite. my favorite part of this song is around the 0:55 part. “wade through hate and fear, i haven’t felt like this in years. not much left, so uprooted, fists clenched tight in the pockets of my hoodie-” i love how he sings these lines so much, i always feel the need to replay them. 

mis- alex g

i love alex g. if you live on my floor and have been in my room, you have probably seen my alex g poster (and my four elliott smith posters-). i love him so much that i’m attempting to buy tickets to see him live in nashville for my birthday this october! as much as i love all his songs, this one never fails to make me emotional. i listen to this song as much as i possibly can, and a literary analysis of it is currently in the works!! look out for that one next week ;).  my favorite part of this song is at 1:17, when alex’s voice cuts out and the instrumental comes in. there’s something so mesmerizing about every little piece of this song. 

tomorrow tomorrow – elliott smith

yes, i’ve been listening to him for years, and yes, i’ve known this song for years. despite that, it’s been one by him i’ve been replaying more than usual. as with all of elliott’s songs, the guitar is absolutely mind-blowing. in live performances of this song, you can hear the crowd gasp as the instrumental comes in. because of that, my favorite part in this song is right at 1:35, when it comes in. i also seriously love the verse at 2:05. there’s so many things to say about this song and elliott, but just know it is a masterpiece. (along with every song he’s ever made). 

decks dark – radiohead

as i am writing this, i am listening to this song. i actually found it today! i decided to finish their album “a moon shaped pool” today as i felt like it matched the rain pretty well. (by the way, it did). my favorite part of this song is right at 1:48. “but it was just a laugh, just a laugh, just a laugh, just a laugh”. i love everything thom yorke does and i especially love the way he sings these lines in this song. 

entombed – deftones

this one might be on here for nostalgias sake, as my mom used to play deftones for me all the time as a kid, but it deserves its place. this song has been helping me cope with a lot of personal issues that have resurfaced recently. my favorite part is at 1:12, “shapes and colors are all i see”. i wouldn’t call it a calming song as it always destroys me mentally, it just seems to be a temporary antidote for me. 

the daily mail – radiohead

this is actually my favorite radiohead song out of their discography!! i found it about a month ago and ever since then i’ve never gotten tired of it. the beginning sounds so desolate and solemn that you never expect the ending when it kicks in. speaking of which, my favorite part of this song is right at 2:00. this song is so perfect and the long intro 100% pays off for that ending.   

bonus song! the tastebreaker:

helmet- steve lacy 

i just love steve lacy really. this song says everything i want to say about so many different things (and uh, people). i’ve also been listening to “bad habit” a lot, but i’m pretty sure everyone has. i don’t have a particular part that i enjoy in this song, it’s more of a general appreciation. but i do love the chorus. like, really love it.

thanks for letting me talk about my favorite thing ever:) (music, in case you didn’t catch it already) let me know if you know one of these songs! i’d love to geek out about them!

current rotation #1 playlist (spotify):

Author: Erin Erter

“i liked the idea of a self-contained, endless pursuit of perfection. but i have a problem with perfection. i don’t think perfection is very artful. but there’s something i liked about the image of a skater going in this endless twisted circle that doesn’t have any real endpoint. so the object is not to stop or arrive anywhere; it’s just to make this thing as beautiful as they can.” -elliott smith

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  1. I love getting to see your music taste it is very similar to mine. Hearing your point of view on the songs was interesting, because I love most the songs on the list. <3

  2. The description makes this so good! It shows that you have very particular reasons you like these songs, and it’s a great idea to include the time stamps. I also love that it’s a variety of artists and songs. Great Job Erin!

  3. I love that the way you describe each of these songs intrigues the reader in a way that they may as well listen to these songs and enjoy them as you did. The word choice really shows how much you love the songs and artists and I really liked that.

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