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hi, blog world! this week’s post is special because it celebrates one of the most important things in the world to me– my cat, jane! jane turned 3 on monday, and it’s hard to believe that my baby is growing so fast. if you know me at all, you may know that i am, at heart, an elderly cat woman. what better way to display that than to talk about my janie!

now, the first thing one must know about jane is that she goes by MANY names. jane, janie, smoochie, smooches, cat, the baby, meanie, and evil are just a few. however, her legal, God-given name is jane brenda scully. her name is extremely important and was crafted specifically for her. jane is her first name to honor jane austen, jane lane from daria, sweet jane by the velvet underground and jane from leonard cohen’s famous blue raincoat. brenda is after brenda walsh from 90210. she reminds me of her because they’re both beautiful and spoiled. her last name is scully, after dana scully, one of my favorite characters of all time. jane, like scully, is highly intelligent and skeptical.

enough about the name–let’s talk about sweet jane herself. she is easily the meanest cat i have ever met. her teeth are just as sharp as her wit, and she never hesitates to use either. however, she can be the most comforting creature on earth when she senses that something is wrong. her hobbies include knocking things over, biting ankles, and staring judgmentally. now, you may be wondering: emma, if the cat is so mean, why do you love her so much? that’s a fair question, but i don’t have a great answer for you. she is simply everything to me. and how could you not love that sweet face?!


Author: Emma Stapp

writer, musician, and avid twilight, twin peaks, and x-files enthusiast!

3 thoughts on “jane brenda scully: a pet appreciation blog”

  1. I love nothing more than your cat right now. From what I heard beyond this blog, she is a little funky but in a good way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JANE AND EMMA!

  2. It’s always the ones that look the cutest who are the angriest at the world. As somebody who loves cats a little too much she has taken my heart. <3

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