Weekly Agenda

Haven’t seen you guys in a while! School has been so busy, and now even my weekends are overtaken by work and assignments. I have a lot of stuff to submit this week, especially before Friday, so I thought I would list them out and explain what they are. 


Refutation Paragraph & Conclusion – I’m writing an essay on King Arthur and his historical references. I am arguing that King Arthur either was not real, or could have been multiple leaders mixed together into one story, with fantasy added for effect by romance writers of the time. I also have to finish up the essay completely by the end of this week, so a conclusion paragraph needs to be done too. My refutation paragraph is due Wednesday. (Or I guess today, if you’re reading this when it’s published.) Also, this is like 40% of my DC Eng. Comp. class grade, so I’m very stressed about it. Hoping it turns out well! To quote a friend of mine, ‘King Arthur is mid.’ 

17 Page Play – This assignment is killing my vibes, I’m not gonna lie, but I will be trying my best to produce a great play. Writers block is hitting me hard, and I can’t find ways to continue the play past 10 pages. But, I’m going to work on outlining what specifically I want to happen and maybe add in some extra dialogue to enrich the world I’m envisioning. This play is based on something scientific, so I chose Archaeology and focused on Pompeii. This is due Thursday. (So, tomorrow.) 

LALALALALALA – If you’re wondering why it’s called this, it’s because I can’t think of a name right now. It’s a story that is supposed to be 2,000-3,000 words long, and has to contain the main character looking back on an event in their life. I’m basing the story on characters I already have, using bits and pieces of pre-written parts of the story (while editing them heavily because the pre-writing was old and not like my current writing style.) I’m a little over halfway done, but again, writer’s block continues to kick my butt. I am hoping I can be fully done with everything before the four-day weekend so I can relax and try to gain my creativity back. 


Being a literary isn’t easy, that’s for sure, but I know it’s worth it. I will drag myself kicking and screaming into an A or a B to end this school year, if I have to.

But sometimes, sometimes in those moments of clarity, it’s clear that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I hope to see you all again soon. ♥

Author: Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas is a senior literary attending the Mississippi School of the Arts. She is greatly inspired by the Greek and Roman classics, world mythology, and worldbuilding. Her main focal points are poetry, fiction, and historical-fiction pieces.

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