Critiquing Horror Movies that Locklyn has Forced me to Watch. Pt. 2

-The Nun-

Well, hello again everyone! Today I will be reviewing the movie The Nun. Yes, that nun. The one with the horrifying white face and dead eyes. Also, the first movie cronologically in The Conjuring timeline. Get ready for a whole lot of me crying while watching these. Imagine me with tears running down my face watching this movie- and it will be accurate. Also imagine me clinging onto Locklyn’s arm like a koala. 


First off, never going to Romania. Romania? More like Nomania. (I’m so sorry.) Also, never ever going to set foot in an abbey. Those places are most definitely haunted, no question. The holiest places usually house the most unholy things imaginable.

So, this film takes us on a journey through the perspective of a soon-to-be nun and a priest. They have both been called down to the abbey to investigate the death of one of the nuns there. She had died by her own hands. Nuns don’t usually do this, so it was worth the investment of an investigation.
On the way there, they meet one of my favorite characters, Frenchie. He’s a French Canadian who had found the dead nun’s body and reported it. He tries to flirt with the soon-to-be nun, Sister Irene. He is the comedic relief character.

Anyway, I’m not going to spoil the whole movie; that’s just the beginning. This is also the beginning of Valek’s story, the demon who follows our characters through the Conjuring movies. Let me just say he is MAD. I have no clue why; I assume it’s because he is an ugly demon, but he is pretty terrifying when he wants to be. This movie has a lot of religious symbolism, which continues into the later movies, primarily including crosses. If a demon like Valek decided to torment me, let me just say I would be a believer immediately. Because apparently, if you don’t believe, your trust and faith in God won’t work to dispel him? It’s fascinating, to be honest. I can’t wait to dive into the lore of this series.

Author: Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas is a senior literary attending the Mississippi School of the Arts. She is greatly inspired by the Greek and Roman classics, world mythology, and worldbuilding. Her main focal points are poetry, fiction, and historical-fiction pieces.

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