Comfort Songs

I was struggling to find a blog topic to write about this week, so I decided to go back to what I am good at – Comfort. Whether it be comfort characters, movies, or in this case- songs, I genuinely enjoy sharing what comforts me, just as much as I learning about other peoples comforts! 

IU – Love Poem

As a huge fan of the artist IU, I have to say that I am totally in love with everything she writes/sings, but this song in particular is just so melodically beautiful and soothing to the ears. I have a habit of listening to this song when I can’t sleep or when my mind seems to be going too haywire.

If you are open to listening to songs in different languages, I highly suggest this one. 1000000/10

Bruno Major – The Most Beautiful Thing

As you may have figured out by this point, I am a sucker for a good love song. I do claim my status as a hopeless romantic, and I think this song is literally the hopeless romantics anthem. It’s basically all about knowing that one day you will find a extraordinary love, but until then all you can do is dream about it. Other than the incredible lyrics– I am in love with Bruno Major’s voice in general. His voice is just so soothing.


Van Morrison – Moondance

Surprise! Another happy lil love song. While this one is a tad bit jazzier than the others, It is still in the same court. What can I say? I just happen to be comforted by all love songs. Anyways, I have loved this song ever since the first time I heard it, and it never fails to bring me comfort. I love listening to this when I’m writing and pretending as if I am in a little jazz café.


Your Turn!

I would love to hear about yall’s comfort songs too! It is really fun to see all the different types of music that bring people joy! 

Anyways, bye lol

— Adelel

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