Ranking the Victorious Songs for Absolutely No Reason Whatsoever

Today I’ll be ranking songs from one of the shows that shaped my childhood. Worst to best. 

1 . Bad Boys-Tori

Personally I just don’t vibe with this one, the cadence of it just throws me off and it’s not a vibe for me. 

2. All I want is everything- Whole Cast

    This performance just fell flat to me, I didn’t like the arrangement but their outfits ATE DOWN.

3. I want you back (cover)-Whole Cast

This song definitely brought out the strength in specifically Andre and Cat’s voices, but I think the rest of the gang’s voices didn’t fit that song. Also it’s hard to compete with the Jackson 5. 

4. Make it Shine-Tori

I understand that this is the show’s theme song and don’t get me wrong it’s definitely a bop but compared to the others I just don’t think it can compete. It’s just not going to be the one I turn on when I want to listen to music from that show.  

5. Best Friend’s Brother-Tori

It’s cute, I love a quirky little acronym but it’s often a hit or miss with me. I love the performance though, despite my safety and equipment concern performing in the rain is pretty cool.

6. Faster than Boyz- Tori and Andre

I know this song is probably forgettable for most but something about Tori’s falsetto is just UGH. I listen to that song specifically for that, the pitched voices can be a little off putting but the falsetto I can’t just let it go. 

7. Beggin’ on your knees-Tori

I love vengeful bop, It’s not my favorite but the pettiness of having the guy the song is dumping on onstage as you perform bumps it up on the list. 

8. Tell me that you love me-Tori and Andre

Not much to say about this song, Andre was beautiful on it, as he always is but Tori just threw me off. 

9. Favorite Foods- Tori, Andre, Beck, Robbie, Jade, and Cat

  This song genuinely makes a good kids song, and the fact that Andre was able to turn it into an even better song just makes it even more loveable. If this was a real song it’d go bonkers amongst toddlers

10. Shut up and Dance-Tori, Andre, Beck, Robbie, Jade, and Cat

This song is this high purely because of Trina’s part and the harmonies between the girls. I love that the show took time to remind us that despite the character Trina’s actress plays she can still sing.  

11.  Here’s 2 us-Tori

This song is super fun, it feels like one you’d play at a graduation party. It’s just such a pleasant heartfelt banger. 

12. It’s Not Christmas Without You- Cat, Tori, Jade, and Andre

We have to give Andre his props for managing to write a GOOD new christmas song, his teacher was tweaking when he gave him a D for this beautiful song. I also loved when he jumped on the performance. 

13. Freak the Freak out-Tori

This song is one that ignites such strong memories for me, I remember singing this at like 8 in front of the tv like a maniac. And the wardrobe change while singing definitely helped it. 


14. Countdown-Tori and Andre

What can I say Andre knows how to write and sing a song. This is definitely one of my favorite Tori and Andre duets.

15. La Boys- Cat and Tori

Cat’s voice was often kept hidden especially in duets with Tori, because the show needed Ariana to chill because Victoria Justice was the main character but the run they let her give us in this song is ingrained in my brain. Tori was also really good in this as well.

16. Broken Glass- Robbie

I love a good parody song and this is the perfect example of this, I know every word to this song it’s so disgustingly catchy. 

17. Give it up- Jade and Cat

Jade and Cat are definitely a top performance duo, this song GAVE everything it needed to. They were ROBBED in that Karaoke contest.

18.  Leave it All to Shine (ICarly mashup)- ICarly and Victorious cast

The ICarly Victorious mashup is a defining moment of my childhood, the lyrics, the arrangements, the harmonies. Magnificent. It gave us everything and we should be grateful.

19. You’re the Reason-Tori

This song is super sweet, one of the few moments we see Tori and Trina’s love for each other purely and although it didn’t last long it was sweet. I would love a version where it’s just Andre singing though, what can I say that man’s voice is sunshine.

20. Take a Hint-Tori and Jade

Jade and Tori’s voices worked so well together here. And singing your rejection is a whole nother level of baddie. 

21.  I Think You’re Swell-Robbie

This song was so sweet, It showcases Robbie genuine adoration for Cat beyond just a crush. I love a self aware corny love song. 

22. Song 2 You-Andre and Tori

This was the better sister of Favorite Foods, this song is unnecessarily good, only gripe is that I wish it was a Andre solo but Tori sounded good too. 

23. You don’t know me-Jade

Even though this song brought Jade and Beck back together, which I don’t love Jade finally got her well deserved solo and she killed it. It was so fitting for her. 

24. 365 Days-Andre and Tori

My top favorite song has to be an Andre song, he was the most talented in my opinion and although I wish this was a solo him and Tori’s harmonies were gorgeous and can’t be forgotten.

Author: Sone’t Robinson

My name is Sone't Robinson and writing for me is an outlet. It's a way to be heard when I feel like my words have fallen on deaf ears. I write out of necessity as well as passion. I've used my pen to write my peace and paper has been the greatest listener I've ever met. I'd encourage even those who don't have a passion for writing or literature to do the same.

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  1. I loved this so much, I’m also grateful for you highlighting some songs that people forgot. I love and always will love “Take a Hint,” but I do admit to forgetting “You don’t know me.” I have to listen to it now.

  2. Best friend brother, Beggin’ on your knees, freak the freak out, and take a hint are my favorite songs and the only ones I will actively seek out to listen to.

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