Critiquing Horror Movies that Locklyn has Forced me to Watch. Pt. 1

-The Strangers-

If your girlfriend denies your marriage proposal, for the love of god don’t go to a secluded summer home together afterwards. James and Kristen move about the rose-petal covered home in uncomfortably suffocating silence. Then, a knock. A blonde woman is at their door, asking for a Tamara. The couple can’t see her face. After awkward explanation and turning her away, eventually James leaves to go on a night-time drive. Kristen then stares at her engagement ring after PUTTING IT ON and I guess thinking about what “could have been” or something? I don’t know, but it’s stupid. She’s also listening to this VERY creepy music. Personally James dodged a bullet in my opinion. Who rejects a marriage proposal then wears the ring? 

Well, eventually during the movie the couple’s house is besieged by 3 masked assailants, who attack and terrorize them simply “Because you were home.” Okay, that’s creepy as H-E-double-hockeysticks. For someone with paranoia, this made me lock my door and close my blinds. Slowly but surely during the course of the night, the couple’s communication with the outside world is cut off. Slashed tires, phone lines cut. 

Super cool. Wow, paranoia alarm is just going crazy right now. This has all been going on during the night, by the way, so the creep factor is upped by ten. But, near the end of the night, Kristen is badly injured and all of her attempts to contact the outside world have been met with silence. James is gone, probably dead (or so I thought!) Kristen is knocked out, and snaps awake tied to a chair right next to James. 

It’s daylight. Okay, so maybe the terror is over? Maybe it was all a prank, and they’ll leave? 

The curtains open, and as the warm sunlight seeps into the room, the couple is killed. Curtains open. The Strangers don’t care if anyone sees, that doesn’t matter to them. The sunlight brought no comfort to the couple. There was no twist, no catch. This truly was just a random attack. The couple answered the door, so the strangers decided they would be the prey.


The Strangers satisfy no curiosities. Nothing is explained. When masks are taken off, the people truly are just.. Strangers.


(I want to thank Locklyn for making me watch all these movies. Please check her blogs out as she explains how to fight back against killers in movies like this one.) 

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  1. This is such a great blog and I cannot wait to watch the next movie with you! It truly makes me so happy to be able to share these things with you and then on top of that, seeing you write such amazing things about them too! Keep up the good work! I’m so proud.

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