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     Now instead of doing my usual interview blog, there is a very important matter that I must handle first. I have a goal here, and that goal is to convince every single soul who reads this to watch one of the best animes to ever be created; Naruto.

  Forgot all prior bias that you may have about this show. I do not care if the fandom annoys you, I do not care if you think that it is too long, these were once my thoughts until I sat down and watched it. And not to be dramatic but it literally changed my life. I spent my entire 8th grade summer watching Naruto, and I am currently in the process of re-watching it. That is how DEEP my love for this show is. Yes I have watched all five hundred thirty nine episodes, and yes I am dedicating my time to watching it again. That is how much CONTROL THIS SHOW HAS OVER ME.

   From the plot to the characters it is a journey that you will never want to end. While 539 episodes may sound like a lot, once you get pulled into the show they fly by in an instant.

    Naruto has some of the most loveable anime characters of all time. Mine being The Neji Hyuga >:). Also another cool thing that I just have to mention is the fact that I share a birthday with the legendary Rock Lee, November 27th :p.Image result for rock lee and neji

   Now, Naruto is not a recent anime, meaning that it has been out for quite a minute, so spoilers might be inevitable, BUT SPOILERS CAN BE AVOIDED IF YOU JUST SIT DOWN AND ENJOY ALL 539 EPISODES IN A SPAN OF ONE WEEK. THIS SHOW IS SO CAPTIVATING I HAVE FAITH THAT YOU CAN DO IT.  

  OH, AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE SOUNDTRACK IN THIS MASTERPIECE OF A SHOW. From the outros to the intros no other anime can top the songs that Naruto has produced. It really adds to the nostalgia listening to these songs as I’m re-watching it :’).

   Some people complain about Naruto being too boring or slow paced, but I can almost guarantee you that if someone says “NaRutO iS tOo BorINg.” then they most definitely did not make it to the Chunin Exam arc of og naruto. ONCE YOU GET TO THAT CHUNIN EXAM ARC IT DOSEN’T STOP FROM THERE.

    Though one suggestion to help with the length of the show is SKIPPING THE FILLERS. I for one did not skip a single filler, because I didn’t even know what a filler was at the time, but even so I enjoyed every episode despite the brief intermissions between the battles.

   Now after reading my blog about this life changing anime I hope that I can at least persuade you to add it onto your watchlist. I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I also really like watching Naruto<3. Neji is my all time favorite character from the show besides Killer Bee. I really like how you describe the show in a way that is unique to you, but it also appeases to other audiences.

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