What’s the Deal with Seinfeld.

Seinfeld, A Hilarious sitcom from the late 1980’s. 

A show about… “Nothing”.  Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian who often appeared in the Catching a Rising Star Night Club, had this amazing idea of a sitcom Tv Show about (in his words) “Nothing”. He first presented the Idea to NBC on November 2nd, 1988.  Then the show was later produced the next year. 

      I remember Waking up an hour early every morning in my freshman and sophomore year of high school before school started, to watch an episode or two of Seinfeld. It was surprisingly entertaining considering the show only follows a few main characters throughout their everyday lives. 
One Episode called “The Soup Nazi” Was all about getting soup from a local Soup Restaurant, with a Cheff that had extreme conditions for ordering the soup.




Rules like, Single File line, only talking about the ingredients, and waiting silently on the side. The Episode Follows Jerry’s Best Friend Geroge, trying to order soup, unaware of the conditions to place the said order, and eventually being banned from the restaurant for Talking too much. 
The rest of the episode is about how George gets his revenge by having the shop closed down by publicly Humiliating the Cheff. Or something along those lines.

But my point is that somehow this show takes the simplest of scenarios, and completely Turns it around making it one of the Most hilarious Sitcoms in the 80’s-90’s. Some of the episodes even reaching 9.5/10 stars by IMBD.
The show overall getting, 9.0/10 stars by IMBD.

Another example. 
One of the Episodes was all about how jerry had to go on live television, wearing a puffy shirt that made him look like a pirate. and the rest of the episode follows the people he knows mocking him for wearing such a ridiculous shirt on camera. Something most wouldn’t care about. Yet in the 80’s something so ordinary was called “Defining Comedy.” 

Seinfeld had a total of nine seasons and 173-180 Episodes, and a total of 2,800 actors over the course of the show. Some being Guest Stars like, Courtney Cox, who was in another famous sitcom that would later air in the 90’s, Friends.
Jon Favreau who directed, Iron Man, and The Mandalorian.  
Even Bryan Cranston, who would later be the star of one of Americas most famous TV shows of all time, Breaking Bad. And many more Guest Stars that made an appearance.  

Many of some of our favorite stars started at Seinfeld, rising to the top. 
Seinfeld was, for many, the rising action of their careers. So, if you ever feel up to watching 9 seasons of one of Americas funniest Sitcoms, I recommend you do it on Netflix.

So, what’s the deal with Seinfeld. 
Is it a genius idea, taking ordinary people in ordinary scenarios and calling it comedy? Or is it just a lucky hit in the late 80’s. 

Thats all from me.  
Thanks for reading. 

Author: William Hillman

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