The Walking Dead Tell-Tale Game Review.

If you’re a fan of story mode games at an affordable price, do I have the game for you.  The Walking Dead Tell-Tale Game Is by Far one of my most favorite and most played games of all time.

this game is action packed, and the story is heart wrenching.  one of the things that makes this game perfect, is the beautiful storyline. There are five episodes in this game. It took me roughly 50 hours to complete this game, and it was worth every second. The story follows our two protagonists Lee Everett who is a middle-aged man. and Clementine (No Last Name is Given) who is a young eight-year-old girl.  Before the apocalypse, Lee was a Happily Married university Teacher from Malcom Georgia.  If memory serves me correctly, I believe he was a history teacher, but I could be wrong.

Not much backstory was given for Clementine, but in the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse, Clementine was left home with a babysitter while her parents went to savannah Georgia. 

Minor Spoiler alert, I’ll just give a brief Overview of How Lee And Clementine Met in the First Episode. 

Events lead up to Lee looking for Help after a recent car crash, but everything is abandoned. He stumbles upon the house where clementine was living After walking through the woods. Lee made his way inside looking for medical attention, but he was surprised to find the house Empty. the kitchen was stained with blood, windows boarded, and doors blocked with furniture.  Keep in mind that Lee wasn’t fully aware that he was even in the zombie apocalypse. (I Believe this was the first day of the apocalypse too.) So, he’s totally oblivious as to why this fortification was in place. 

Lee is looking for supplies, and in the living room there was a desk with a drawer where he finds a Walkie Talkie Radio. He tries to make contact with someone who might be on the other walkie talkie.  And Low and Behold, Our Second Protagonist Responds over the Walkie Talkie. A Young girl Named Clementine. 
Lee Was surprised to Hear such a Young Voice on the Walkie Talkie, He asked how old She was, and She said she was eight. 

Lee was a Little Surprised by this, and he asked about her parents, and why Her house was in the shape that it was. Clemetine Replied Telling Him That her Parents Had Gone on Vacation and Left her there with a babysitter.
Lee Finally Asks Where Clementine Was hiding.  Clementine Told Him that she was in her treehouse out in the backyard.   Lee Looked through the window in the Kitchen that was facing the backyard and saw clementine in the treehouse waving at him.

And that’s how our two protagonists Meet, later throughout the Five Episodes, they grow and learn from each other. 
I Highly Recommend This game if you’re looking for a Well-planned and thought-out story mode game.

And you won’t get this reference unless you play the game, but Ben Paul is the worst character to ever exist. 



Author: William Hillman

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  1. I’ve never played this game, but I was obsessed with watching gameplays of other people playing it for a while. I loved the story and the way it drew you to the characters and make you care about them was amazing.

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