Rating Transformers AGAIN…

Hey guys! 

 It’s been a long week and honestly, I have no inspiration for my blog this week. I usually have my soul set on something special or particular that I’ve been eager to talk about but not this week, so I guess we’ll just rate more transformers, since they always boost my spirits. However, I’m tired so these will probably be the lowest ratings ever. 

Megatron: -10,000,000,000/0 

Okay starting off with Megatron. THIS DUDE SUCKSSSS! He is the leader of the decepticons but he isn’t a leader at all. His powers are kind of cool, but I will never openly admit it because he sucks so much. He’s old as dirt and makes all the other decepticons to do his dirty work. The only time he fights for himself is when Optimus Prime challenges him because he knows that Optimus Prime will tear through any other decepticon put in front of him. Megatron still always loses. I was so happy when he was put away for good, but somehow, he always finds a way to bring his old metal crawling back. 


Star Scream: 100/10 

Okay, I thought I would hate every transformer in this blog, but I love Star scream, even though he’s a decepticon. He’s really cool, but his colors remind me of the American flag and America is deceptive. He’s really sneaky, but loud at the same time. He has these huge shoulder guns that look like they could be rockets. 

Soundwave: 50/10 

He has these beautiful blues surrounding his metal frame, and even though he’s a sneaky spy, I love his intelligence. He spies on the autoboots to get information on them. He’s like a cool tech guy instead of a nerd. Not that I have anything against nerds. He just makes decoding data, and intercepting signals look so cool. 

Arcee: 1,000/10 

Next! Arcee is a bright pink autobot. She has these super long legs and boy does she know how to use them. She was/is a science bot who didn’t really have any interest in fighting until the war between the decepticons and autobots started. She’s very quick and is certainly lethal when she pulls out her crossbow. Since Arcee is a science bot she sometimes uses a technology that allows her to control up to 3 bodies all at once. I think she’s great! 

Okay guys, that’s all for this week’s blog see you guys next week. I’m going to take a nap now. 


Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes Writing is much more than an art or a creative outlet for me. It's simply my life, if writing doesn't exist neither do I. I believe I was truly born at the most perfect unperfect time. Writing has matured so much and many more people respect it now as a career and there are schools that teach you how to creatively write. At the same time, most people in the world will judge you, because you don't do what they do and you don't follow the simple unhappy path that they've taken. Writing has made me comfortable in my own skin, it has taught me that there is no other in this universe like me. Writing has taught me to love myself and every thought that skips across my brain, because I am important. I am enough, I am me and that's all I have ever needed to be!

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