my favorite depeche mode songs

hello all !! so, fun news: i am most likely going to be seeing depeche mode for my birthday in october !! i’ve been a fan of this band for a while, and i’m honestly so excited because my mom is also a very big fan of them. i haven’t been to a concert since 2019, so i’m long overdue. and to be honest, i’ve been craving it. so, in honor of the very exciting news, i thought i’d rank my top 3 depeche mode songs, and tell you a little bit about why i love them !! they’re not in any particular order, they’re just three of my favorites !! i hope you enjoy:))

1. stories of old – some great reward

i absolutely love the backing track of this song, especially the melody that comes right after the chorus lines. the lyrics are also seriously addicting; i always find myself going crazy over the way they are sung, but that’s typical of a depeche mode song. my verses might be my second favorite part of the song, as the melody and twists they take totally have me at their will. i love love love this song and its stayed one of my favorites by them for a very long time. i really hope they play this one at the show !!

2. lie to me – some great reward

i honestly just recently found this song, but it has quickly found itself to the top of the list. a lot of similar themes with this one and the last one; i love the melodies and the lyrics. if the lyrics in the last song had me at their will, the lyrics in this song completely control me. i absolutely ADORE martin gore’s songwriting, and he’s one of my biggest inspirations for writing in general. a favorite line from this song is: belief is the way, the way of the innocent. and when i say innocent, i should say naive. so lie to me, but do it with sincerity. i absolutely go wild every time i hear these lines. i also love the main melody in this song, and it gets stuck in my head all the time. if they play this one at the show, i will go ballistic. 

3. a question of time – black celebration

while the other two songs prouded themselves in being my favorites lyric-wise, this one is the exact opposite. well, kind of. i do really love the lyrics- they’re EXTREMELY well written- but they honestly really get to me and disturb me. and honestly, i think that’s exactly what they wanted to do. the melody that plays after the chorus is a fave, and was the first component of the song that drew me to it. i first heard this song on my vinyl copy of one of their live shows, and it sounded amazing live. despite this being such a disturbing and unnerving song, i can’t not dance to it. now, if they played this song, i would go especially ballistic, but i wouldn’t be surprised. from what i know, it’s a fairly popular song. that doesn’t take away from how much i love it though. i especially hope they play this one !! 

short but really fun blog !! gave me an excuse to talk about seeing them live lmao. well, if you know any of these songs, let me know !! and please do give the band a listen !! i believe because they are so widely liked, anyone can get into the type of music they make !! i enjoyed writing this, i hope you enjoyed reading it. cya next week:)

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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  1. From the way you wrote about their songs, I can tell how much you love this band and they sound very interesting. I really hope you get to go to the concert!

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