A day in the life of a scatterbrain

So, a little fun fact about me, and one that you probably already figured out is that I am a total scatterbrain. I may have briefly mentioned this about me, but if you didn’t know, there you go. Why am I saying this and why is that important for a blog? Well, simply put, my being a scatterbrain and someone with ADD has a big effect on my writing. The reason why that is that I may have a whole idea for a story or a play or whatever the case may be, but I go to write it and I’m never fully engaged in the writing and five minutes later, I will go do something else.

So, this blog will mostly be about how it is dealing with my scatterbrain and ADD. And, no, I’m not offering any sort of solution for this in case someone reading it is dealing with that as well. I don’t mean to sound rude by saying that but the truth is that I don’t have a solution to give. So, after this post, I will do my own research and find ways to help with it. But for now, I will just vent about my own experience and if you’re dealing with the same stuff, then you can maybe stay tuned for next week’s post.

Now, on with the show! Obviously, having ADD has a much bigger effect on my life than just my writing. It influences everything that I do and when I am engaging with other people. No seriously, you could be talking to me for five straight minutes and I swear that I am listening to you but after the conversation, I’ll have zero recollection of what you just said. There are many other examples I could give you, but I won’t bore you with all the unnecessary details.

Here’s the part where it affects my writing. I currently am using Wattpad to write stories/digital books(No, I don’t have anything published on there). I began using it a couple of years ago when I was oozing with different ideas for a story, but every time I got started with one and continued to write it, eventually I’d drift away from it and never come back to it.

That same thing goes for assignments that I do: I’ll keep bouncing back and forth between different ideas. I’ll get to one that I’ll like and keep adding to that idea and that story/play/poem whatever, but towards the middle or the end of it, I’ll come up with a whole new idea that I really like but I’ve run out of time to add on to that. And by the time I’ve gotten done with the assignment and turned it in, I’d forgotten about the idea I really wanted to write about.

Anyways, that’s how it is, for me, to deal with having ADD while being a writer. I will search for ways to help with this and please if y’all are dealing with this and have ways of helping it, let me know. But, I hope y’all enjoyed this and I will see you guys next week:)

Author: Sarah Lawrence

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" -Maya Angelou

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  1. I’m the complete opposite.. once I start something I have to finish it or I will never come back to it. Nice to hear the other side of things. Good blog!

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