albums i want on vinyl !!

hello:) if you know me, then you know i <3 collecting records !! well, recently i finally checked off one of my favorite albums off my to-buy list, yankee hotel foxtrot by wilco !! and to be honest, i’m writing this last minute bcuz i am sick<3 and i needed ideas sooo, i’m just gonna talk about other albums i really want on vinyl !! here we go:

in rainbows – radiohead

i actually almost got this album the other day !! i picked it up and was going to check out with it when i saw yankee hotel foxtrot in the corner of my eye and immediately went to it. i’ve been wanting this album for a while. it’s my favorite radiohead album, and it’s actually one of my favorite albums in general. i always get super close to buying it, then i end up finding something else. hopefully the next time i see it i won’t get distracted !! 

the glow pt. 2 – the microphones

i hold this album in a special place in my heart. this is also one of my favorite albums EVER. i think it’s so cohesive and beautiful. this one i would kill to get, but it’s only available online and it’s always sold out. this album actually comes with a lot of inserts, which is something i absolutely love<3. (especially poster inserts). i believe it comes with multiple posters and maybe even a pin !! but besides the physical attributes, this album is worth so much to me.

elliott smith – elliott smith

surprisingly, i don’t have many of elliott’s albums on vinyl. that’s because they’re actually really hard to come by. i have two compilation albums and i have roman candle !! but the self-titled album is not only my favorite elliott album, but also my favorite album in general. so of course i need this one on vinyl. 

you’d prefer an astronaut – hum

i have a little story about why i love this album so much, but you’d have to be close to me for me to tell you. i especially love little dipper<3. but !! this album is so good, one of my favorite shoe-gazey albums of all time. this one actually isn’t pressed anymore, so i’d have to buy it secondhand sadly. (and they are expensive </3)

my aim is true – elvis costello

ahhh elvis costello !! my favorite elvis. i’ve been listening to this album since i was a baby, but more recently i’ve become totally obsessed with this album and elvis himself. there’s so many good tracks on here, there’s even a book/movie named after one !! (less than zero) this album holds so much nostalgia for me, and i think i’ve come full circle in loving it this much !!

anyways, thanks for reading !! i know this was short, but it was fun:) cya next week<3 !! 

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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  1. You’ve mentioned that you love collecting records in a piece you wrote, and I think this blog gives us a lot more insight on the types of vinyl you collect as well as which artist you like. Great Job!

  2. I loved reading this blog because it let me see what type of vinyl you like to collect. It was more of an insight on your personality. I have a very small vinyl collection.

  3. I love that this post gives insight to the kind of records you like to collect and the kind of music you like to listen to, allowing the reader to learn more about you, so this was a really good post:)

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