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Helloooooo everyone and welcome back to another week of “Adele ranting about another random interest.” This week I have decided to take it upon myself to rant about my favorite show of all time. Seeing as there are other crime  junkies that will be reading this, I figured it would not be a waste of blogspace to fangirl for a little bit.

Synopsis :

The show “Bones’ follows the life of Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institution. Brennan, better known as “Bones” by her partner, Seeley Booth, helps the F.B.I solve murders by following evidence left on the skeletal remains of victims. The show follows the partnership/evolution of Temperance and Seeley’s relationship over a total of 12 seasons. 

(The show was inspired by the popular show X-Files!)=

Fan Favorite Characters: 

Temperance “Bones” Brennan: 

Dr. Brennan is my personal favorite character of all time. A word that many people use to describe Temperance is – awkward. Which, I cant lie, she is indeed, but she is the best type of awkward there is. She is a character that I have become so attached to over the years. The writers of the show actually confirmed before that Brennan was a character meant to be portrayed with less than superb social skills. Dr. Temperance Brennan bases all of her personal beliefs in science and is atheist, unlike her partner, Booth, who is catholic. One of my favorite things about her character development is that she never “sees the light” or changes her beliefs to better suit her partner. She is a character that always sticks to her personal morals and values, and I think that it is truly admirable. 

Agent Seeley Booth:

Agent Seeley Booth is a very classic character. He is a former Army Ranger, F.B.I., agent, religious man. Booth is such a strong character and is portrayed as such in the series. He is the more sarcastic comical counterpart to Bones, who doesn’t understand half of the jokes he makes. Booth is like Brennan in the sense that he sticks to his morals. He has very strong faith which is a major part of his character. Booth relies on his faith in parts of the show where he or Bones is in danger (which is almost every episode). Overall, Seeley Booth is such a warm and caring character, and his love for the people around him is shown throughout each episode. Although he commonly jokes in the series about the “Squint Squad”, which is what he calls the members of the Jeffersonian Lab, he shows his admiration for each of them throughout the seasons.

Angela Montenegro:

Angela, who is the Lab’s artist, is someone who recreates the faces of victims by use of their skeletal structure. Angela isn’t what you would normally expect from a lab like the Jeffersonian’s. She was originally a freelance artist who lived a rather “free” lifestyle. Throughout the series, Angela plays the role of Temperance Brennan’s best friend, and she often acts as the sort of “translator” for Dr. Brennan who often doesn’t pick up on jokes or innuendos. Angela’s role in the lab is what I would call the “Emotions” because she is the one who has a harder time with seeing deceased victims, whereas the others in the lab have more of a scientific outlook on the situation. One of my favorite things about Angela is that she refers to her friends as “Sweetie” when addressing them, which I think is such a sweet term of endearment.

Lance Sweets:

Lance Sweets was brought in during the third season as a psychologist assigned to Booth and Brennan after an incident caused the F.B.I. to force them to seek counseling. Lance plays the role of a sweet, witty guy. Sweets is often the provider of comic relief, as he is the target of the jokes by both Brennan and Booth because of his young age. Despite being only 22 when he was introduced in the show, Sweets held two doctorates at his young age. I am personally biased towards Sweets as my favorite character in the show because I think he is literally the “Sweet”est (get it? yeah… it was a bad joke). Anyways, throughout the series, Booth and Brennan take Sweets under their wing as a little brother figure in their lives. Literally the cutest thing ever.

Favorite picture of Tempy ^^^

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  1. I love love love forensic shows and things in that category! It’s so cool! I have seen a few episodes of this before and I really liked it! You did an amazing job at convincing me to watch more. If only I wasn’t so busy all the time.

  2. i’m absolutely in love with this show and its characters (looking at you, agent booth!!), and i couldn’t be happier that you introduced it to me 🙂

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