Top Ten Cookies – pt. 2

This blog is a continuation of one of my previous installments, Top Ten Cookies - pt. 1, please enjoy as I continue on my rant of why your opinions don't matter when it comes to cookies and mine do! :) 
(This is all a joke, obviously enjoy whatever kind of cookies you like.)

6. Chocolate Chip 

Alright, alright. There wasn’t that much outrage in the last post about me not including chocolate chip cookies, but here it is. I know it’s a staple, I know I do like them, but come on. With how many cookies there are, let’s branch out! Fortune cookies have a different fortune every time. With a chocolate chip cookie, yes you know it will be good but doesn’t that get boring? I think so.

7. Snickerdoodle

Everyone seems to forget about snickerdoodle cookies, but don’t worry! I won’t forget you, my wonderful children. Fun fact, I used to thingk Snickerdoodles were a type of dog- still do sometimes before I remember they go by some weird other name. Schnoodles or something. Anyway, how can you not like snickerdoodles? I don’t know the word to describe them, but the soft crumble of these cookies is absolutely fantastic. Makes me think of fall.

8. Kiss Cookies

Okay, how can you not like Kisses? I don’t know if I’m legally allowed to say the brand name, honestly. It’s probably fine. Anyway! Cookies with little Kisses in the middle? How is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard of? Anyway! I put this so low on the list because technically almost any of these cookies could be turned into a Kiss Cookie. Still, I think it’s a cute little idea.

9. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

I know that white chocolate isn’t for everyone, and neither are macadamia nuts. But I think it provides a beautiful balance of flavor and texture. And trust me, I am a big texture person. I cannot stand certain textures if it bothers me. But this cookie, wow! Amazing, perfect on a cold day in fall. Dont know why, it just fits. Pumpkin spice vibes.

10. Literally Any Other Cookie

Honestly those were all my opinions on cookies, but top 9 isn’t as eye catching as TOP 10(!!) you know? Anyway, comment your favorite cookies ranked or otherwise, and let me know if you agree. You don’t have to, but I will cry if you fight me on this.

Author: Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas is a senior literary attending the Mississippi School of the Arts. She is greatly inspired by the Greek and Roman classics, world mythology, and worldbuilding. Her main focal points are poetry, fiction, and historical-fiction pieces.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Cookies – pt. 2”

  1. I don’t even know what a snickerdoodle is but the name itself is enough for me to fall in love with it. Amazing blog Leo I enjoyed degrading your cookie choices and their rankings.

  2. As an avid eater of chocolate chip cookies, I can’t say that I’m not a little disappointed with its placing but I am happy that you enjoy the cookies at all and I respect your opinion! Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece.

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