Horror Movie Review: Halloween Kills.

Hello everyone! This week I wanted to introduce a new series I’ll be doing on my blog. Every time a new horror movie comes out (that’s pretty popular) I will watch it and do a review on it about the things that I liked and didn’t like. I’ll give it a rating at the bottom of the review. Keep in mind that every time I do one of these blogs there will be spoilers and my opinion (duh.) Anyways, this week we’ll be reviewing the new addition to the Halloween series: Halloween Kills.

                                                     HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD

Okay, I’m gonna be honest and say that I was sooooo excited for this movie. As all huge horror movie fans know, Michael Myers is one of the most popular guys out in the horror genre and when the news came out of ANOTHER movie, some of us were happy and some of us just wanted to let the series die. I was one of those people who were super excited. I mean how can you not be? This is one of my mother and I’s favorite series. I’m always open to new additions to the story as long as they’re well-made. I’m looking at you Halloween II. Enough on that though. Let’s get into the review.

I just watched it last night so everything is fresh in my mind. I’ll start with the iconic opening theme, gosh it’s so addictive. My mother and I listen to it in the car multiple times, and I am currently listening to it as I write this. Anyways, in the beginning of the movie with the opening screen with that oh-so-familiar font, they played the theme song and it was just slightly different (in a good way.) Moving onto the movie, I thought it was super cool how they connected timelines of all of the characters including the cop from the first movie, Laurie of course, Tommy who was the boy Laurie was babysitting in the first movie, Lonnie who survived an encounter with Michael when he was a kid and he also turned out to be Cameron’s father. I thought that was a nice twist until they both died. They also had Marion Chambers, another lady who was a nurse that survived an encounter with Michael, Sheriff Bracket whose daughter was murdered by Michael. That daughter was also the babysitter of Lindsey Wallace, another survivor of Michael (until this movie.) All of these connections helped me piece the storylines together and it was just a great addition to the movie, it was so fun to realize that these people were all connected in one way or another.

Now for Michael. I mentioned in one of my previous blogs how this dude JUST WON’T DIE. He comes back like two times this movie. I liked this because it keeps in line with the set circumstances, though they changed some things about Michael that I just didn’t like. For example, in one of the flashbacks, they made him RUN. Michael doesn’t run. He has a steady walk. Though my mom tried to tell me it was just a “lunge.” Even if it was, it just seemed off to me. They also changed his motive which was also really weird to me. I always thought that his motive was to kill his family members which is why he always targeted his sister Laurie. He also went after his niece Karen(who he actually killed this movie but I’ll get to it later,) his OTHER niece Jamie who died in a car accident off-screen, Jamie’s foster sister was also killed, he attempted to kill Allyson his grand-niece but also fails, and of course, killed his sister Judith at the beginning of the very first movie. Even though that sets up his motive so well, this movie tried to say that he wasn’t after his family at all, but his home??? Which was like- what? Makes no sense to me.

There was hardly anything that I didn’t like about the movie, but there were just some scenes in the movie that bothered me. I’m not sure if the director wanted to pull that emotion from the watchers but whether he meant to or not it sure was there. There was a scene in the hospital where the mob thought that one of the other escaped mental patients was Michael. They swarmed him and eventually, he got too scared and jumped out of the hospital to his death because of the mob trying to kill him. Although it was a realistic reaction from the mob, I don’t see that this situation had anything to do with the storyline. It didn’t have any reason to be there other than to fill the time on the movie. Yeah, they said something along the lines of “Now Michael’s turned us all into monsters” but that didn’t carry on to anything else so in turn it was not needed and the time spent on that could be better used on different scenes.

One of my favorite scenes from the movie was when the mob had finally got Michael cornered. They beat him and beat him, but we ALL know that that isn’t gonna keep this guy down (as per my other blog on how to beat him.) Funnily enough, I like to see Michael just go all out. It showcases what kind of villain he really is and for me, it’s just really enjoyable to watch. So, in this scene, the mob thinks that they’ve got him down and dead, that is until he gets back up again and starts kicking butt. I love to watch Michael fight because he is just merciless and so strong. On the other hand, he ended up killing Karen (his niece) which was SO unexpected for me. It also leaves the night open for another movie, which I will always welcome. I can’t wait to see what Laurie does once she finds out that Michael killed her daughter. My prediction for the next movie is that Laurie finally ends up putting an end to Michael (preferably by decapitation.)

Rating: 9/10 >:) 

Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you get to enjoy this movie as much as I did! Regardless of the things I mentioned earlier, this movie was really well-made and enjoyable for everyone! 

Author: Locklyn Wilchynski

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