A New Semester

Welcome back everybody! I know that it’s been a while since my last blog post, but I am glad to be back. It’s a new year, which means that it’s time for new goals and accomplishments. My goal last year was just to get over the mountain that is called Algebra II, and now that I’ve managed that it feels like a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. It’s a new semester which means that we all now have new classes, and a fresh start to everything. Even though covid cases have been higher than they’ve ever been I hope that we all can manage to stay safe. I’m glad to be back here and I look forward to the rest of this year!

My Favorite Steven Universe Gems

Steven Universe is one of my favorite T.V shows to watch. Steven Universe first aired on November 4th, 2013, that seems like such a long time ago! This showed inspired me in such an artistic way. Different types of rocks and crystals have always been something that I have enjoyed, so seeing that there was a show being made about these things made my heart ecstatic. There are many different types of gems in this show and I will be showing my top 5 favorite! 

5. Blue Diamond

4. Bismuth

3. Peridot



How I came up with my favorite gems was based off of their appearance, personality, and background. There are so many loveable characters in this show that it can be hard to choose, but for my honorable mention I’m going to have to absolutely give it away to Garnet.

My Favorite FNAF Songs

If you have never heard of the game Five Nights at Freddy’s you are being robbed of an amazing experience. There are many games to the series and they are all unique and fantastic in their own way, but along with games an artist that goes by the name “The Living Tombstone” has  released music following them all. Today I’ll be ranking my favorite FNAF songs created by The Living Tombstone.

5. Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 Song

Image result for the living tombstne fnaf 1

This song is the definition of nostalgia, and served as the starting point for the amazing masterpieces that he created next.

4. Five Night’s as Freddy’s 4: I Got No Time

Image result for fnaf 4

3. FNAF Sister Location: I Can’t Fix You

Image result for the living tombstone sister location

2. Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2: Its Been so Long

Image result for the living tombstone fnaf 2

1. Five Night’s at Freddy’s 3: Die in a Fire

Image result for fnaf 3

All of these are amazing songs and I highly advise you to listen to them if you have not yet!!!!!

My Top 5 Melanie Martinez Songs

    Melanie Martinez is one of my favorite musical artists. She has been recognized for her unique style and overall aesthetic which she also incorporates into her music. She was a contestant on The Voice, but she did not end up winning the show. Despite this she has been able to have an extremely successful music career, and has made her own movie named K-12 which featured her album, and also brought attention to numerous social issues. Her first album was named Crybaby and it made its debut on August,14th 2015. Crybaby is by far my favorite album of Melanie’s. All this being said, here are my top 5 Melanie Martinez songs.


See the source image

1.Play date (Crybaby)

See the source image

2. Mad Hatter (Crybaby)

See the source image

3.Crybaby (Crybaby)

See the source image

4.Dollhouse (Crybaby)

See the source image

This was the first Melanie Martinez song that I ever listened to!!!

5.Detention (K-12)

See the source image

   One common theme that can be seen through out all of Melanie’s is her capability to write about dark subject matters. When you listen to her music sometimes its straight to the point and other times it can take a bit of analyzing. Her dark lyrics contrast to her aesthetic, which is something that definitely makes her stand out as an artist. She is currently working on producing another movie, which I am very excited for. If you take the time to look through all of Melanie’s work, I’m sure that it won’t take you long to become a fan… if you aren’t already.

My Top 10 Anime List

Anime has always been something that I love to watch. I’ve been surrounded by it for as long as I can remember because my dad is such a big fan as well. Over the years I have seen numerous anime’s and so far here are my favorites and why you should watch them.

1o. Akame Ga Kill

See the source image

    Now if you’ve already heard about Akame Ga Kill its probably been from people telling you not to watch it and that it’s a waste of time. I’m hear to tell you that it is an amazing anime. For all the reasons why people dislike it, they are my reasons as to why I love it so much. The unpredictability of this anime is one of the main reasons that I enjoy it. When a main character goes into battle you are left with the anxiety of not knowing if they will survive or not. I especially love this because this is an uncommon thing in most animes. If a character dies it will more than likely be a side character but in Akame Ga Kill nobody is truly safe.

9.Black CloverSee the source image

   From the plot, to the characters, to the AMAZINGGGGGGGGG soundtrack, it would be a crime to leave Black Clover off of my list. Some complaints that I’ve heard about the show is that the “AnIMatIOn Is NoT GOod.”  which is not a valid reason. NOW I will admit, Black Clover does have its low quality moments, but that inevitable with all animes.  The animation being too “bad” should not be enough to completely drive you away from an anime. The plot is amazing to watch and follow, as well as the character development that the characters go through. Though my one warning is that Asta (the main character) yells too much, but nonetheless it is an amazing anime that is well worth your time.  

8.Magi the Kingdom of Magic

See the source image

Magi the Kingdom of Magic will always have a special place in my heart. I don’t know of too many people who have seen this anime or even heard of it though, so it’s safe to say that is is extremely underrated. The characters are easy to get attached too and the plot is very captivating. If you’re a fan of the video game series “The Legend of Zelda” like I am then I think you would love this anime.

7. My Hero AcademiaSee the source image

   My Hero Academia is one of the best new generation animes. It gets so much hate because of the western fandom, and this causes people to automatically avoid it. But despite all of the hate that it gets, its one of the most popular manga’s that is currently out and still going. The characters in this show are some of of the best characters that I’ve ever seen. The different arc’s of this show and its pacing is also an amazing quality. I highly recommend it, and I am a proud fan of this amazing series.

6. Angels of Death

See the source image

   Angels of Death is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. This mysterious anime is extremely captivating, but it also keeps a lot of things unknown. The plot twists are amazing, but my favorite thing about this entire anime would have to be how it ended. Its a very analytical anime, and one that can be interpreted in a few different ways depending on the watcher. While it has its bright moments between the two main characters Zach and Rachel, this anime is fairly dark and heartbreaking. I HIGHHLLYY recommend this one.

5. Michiko and Hatchin (Finding Paradiso)

See the source image

    This is easily one of the best animes that I have ever watched. I started this series and finished on the same day. The storyline is extremely immersive. We go through the journey of Michiko and Hatchin, and we see everything that they went through to find Hatchin’s father. The main character Michiko is one of my favorite main characters from any anime. It has its sad moments but inevitably everything comes together in the end. If you like animes that are centered around action and adventure then you will love Michiko and Hatchin.

4.ParasyteSee the source image

  AMAZING ANIME. I just had to start off by saying that. Not only is it hilarious but the plot is so good. It is one of the few animes that I’ve watched that have left me completely satisfied with the ending. Its definitely on the gruesome side but it is one of the best action animes that I have ever watched. Its very unique and HAS AN AMAZING SOUNDTRACK. Also has its sad moments, but it’s all worth it in the end!

3. Assassination ClassroomSee the source image

    One of the most deceiving animes that I have ever watched. Do NOT BE FOOLED BY ITS CHEERFUL APPEARANCE. It had me in tears LOL. But that is also why I love this anime so much. I was laughing along with the characters in the show but in a matter of minuets the switch was so easily flipped. This one touched my heart and broke it at the same time. The characters are amazing, and so is the plot. It was well worth my time and every tear :’).

2. Attack on TitanSee the source image

It would be absolutely sinful to leave out this masterpiece of an anime. It is so popular for a reason. The plot is so well thought out, yet it is one of the most confusing animes that I have watched (In a good way of course). I got my dad into the show and one of my favorite things to do is analyzing the show with him!  I would consider Attack on Titan to be one of the greatest animes to ever be created.


See the source image









Why you should watch NARUTO

Image result for naruto

     Now instead of doing my usual interview blog, there is a very important matter that I must handle first. I have a goal here, and that goal is to convince every single soul who reads this to watch one of the best animes to ever be created; Naruto.

  Forgot all prior bias that you may have about this show. I do not care if the fandom annoys you, I do not care if you think that it is too long, these were once my thoughts until I sat down and watched it. And not to be dramatic but it literally changed my life. I spent my entire 8th grade summer watching Naruto, and I am currently in the process of re-watching it. That is how DEEP my love for this show is. Yes I have watched all five hundred thirty nine episodes, and yes I am dedicating my time to watching it again. That is how much CONTROL THIS SHOW HAS OVER ME.

   From the plot to the characters it is a journey that you will never want to end. While 539 episodes may sound like a lot, once you get pulled into the show they fly by in an instant.

    Naruto has some of the most loveable anime characters of all time. Mine being The Neji Hyuga >:). Also another cool thing that I just have to mention is the fact that I share a birthday with the legendary Rock Lee, November 27th :p.Image result for rock lee and neji

   Now, Naruto is not a recent anime, meaning that it has been out for quite a minute, so spoilers might be inevitable, BUT SPOILERS CAN BE AVOIDED IF YOU JUST SIT DOWN AND ENJOY ALL 539 EPISODES IN A SPAN OF ONE WEEK. THIS SHOW IS SO CAPTIVATING I HAVE FAITH THAT YOU CAN DO IT.  

  OH, AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE SOUNDTRACK IN THIS MASTERPIECE OF A SHOW. From the outros to the intros no other anime can top the songs that Naruto has produced. It really adds to the nostalgia listening to these songs as I’m re-watching it :’).

   Some people complain about Naruto being too boring or slow paced, but I can almost guarantee you that if someone says “NaRutO iS tOo BorINg.” then they most definitely did not make it to the Chunin Exam arc of og naruto. ONCE YOU GET TO THAT CHUNIN EXAM ARC IT DOSEN’T STOP FROM THERE.

    Though one suggestion to help with the length of the show is SKIPPING THE FILLERS. I for one did not skip a single filler, because I didn’t even know what a filler was at the time, but even so I enjoyed every episode despite the brief intermissions between the battles.

   Now after reading my blog about this life changing anime I hope that I can at least persuade you to add it onto your watchlist. I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!!!!!!

The Different Voices of MSA: B.Aguilar’s Week

   Welcome back to this weeks edition of The Different Voices of MSA! As you see by the title I am changing up my format a bit to add more flare to this blog, so I hope you all enjoy the changes and improvements that I’ve made.  This week I have my good friend Bea Aguilar here with me to do this interview! Lets get started.

Bea Aguilar


What is your discipline and why did you choose it?

” I am a visual artist. I chose this discipline because I want to do it as a living.”

If you could choose another art discipline which one would you choose?

“If I chose another art discipline it would be literary arts.”

What is your favorite style of art to create?

” my favorite style of art to create is graphic arts/comic arts. I love to create very visual artwork that also embodies a sense of horror.”

Who is your favorite artist?

“My favorite artist is Jhonen Vasquez, and he is a well known comic artist.”

How did you find out about MSA?

“I found out about MSA from my 7th grade art teacher.”

And that wraps up this interview thank you all for reading, I hope to see you again next week!

*Bea’s Artwork*

Image.jpeg Image.jpeg



Different Voices of MSA III

Welcome back to this weeks edition of “The Different Voices of MSA. This week, I am here with Christopher Eichleberg.

“What made you choose the Theater discipline?”

“It was my last option.”

Very honest at the least.

“If you had to choose another art which one would you choose?”

“Not literary, they dropped me.” Lol.~Chris’s 1st response

“I’d choose visual.” Chris said to which I replied with:

“But Chris you can’t draw.” And to which he responded with:

“Simone…I’ve seen your paintings.”…I remained quiet after that.

Onto the next question: What is your favorite play?

“Hamlet, it’s really good.”

What is your favorite part of theater?

“The acting class is pretty cool, and interacting with other people.”

Who is your favorite actor?

“Donald Glover.”

How did you find out about MSA?

“Through you all, I wanted to leave Terry.”

Thank you Chris for your joyful responses, until next week!

II Different Voices of MSA

Welcome back to this weeks edition of The Different Voices of MSA. This week I talked to my friend Taylor Herron about her art discipline.

“So Taylor what is your art discipline?”

“My art discipline is visual arts”

“How long have you been practicing visual art?”

“I have been drawing since pre-k, my main thing has always been people, so I thought that the best thing for me to do is to come to an art school to show off my talent.”

“If you had to choose another art discipline which one w0uld you choose?”

“I’d choose literary because I always write poems and short stories in my free time”

“What is your favorite style of art”

“Realism, or comic book style art work.”

“Who is your favorite artist?”

“All of them.”

And lastly “How did you find out about MSA?”

“I found out about MSA in middle school through my mom, and now here I am”

That’s all for this week! A special thanks to Taylor for allowing me to interview her.

The Different Voices of MSA

    Being here at MSA there are lots of different types of students, and I wanted to take the the time to get to know what is inside the minds of some of my fellow peers. Starting off we have a vocal that goes by the name Gilly Grace.

 “Why did you join the vocal discipline here at MSA?”

Gilly’s response: “I like to sing, and there are a lot of opportunities for me to grow, and a big part of it was because we get to do musical theater stuff, and I love musical theater.

What a pleasant response. Onto my second question. “If you were to choose another discipline to participate in which one would you choose?”

Gilly’s response: “I’d choose theater. I actually auditioned for theater and I ended up getting in, also literary because I like to write.

One point for the literary’s as it should be. Anyways onto my next question. “Since you’re a vocal, what type of music do you like to sing?”

Gilly’s response: “Musical Theater and Pop. Yeah.

This leads me into my next question. “What is your favorite musical theater piece?

Gilly’s response: “I have too many of those.

As expected from a theater loving vocal. And onto my final question.” Who are some artists that you take inspiration from?”

Gilly’s response: “Rihanna, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande inspire me the most.

That’s all for this week. I’d like to give a special thanks to the wonderful vocal Gilly Grace for allowing me to ask her these questions, and I hope that you all look forwards to the future responses of your fellow MSA peers.