Stranger Things with Jilli

Since this is the week that we are coming back from Thanksgiving for this week’s blog all want to interview somebody on what they are thankful for this week, I have Jilli Grace here to talk about how much she loves Stranger Things. 


So Jilli, what made you want to watch stranger things? 

“I wanted to watch Stranger Things because all my friends were watching it 1 and 2 because I saw like the growing popularity of it, especially over this summer and I wanted to see what this is about and so yeah that’s pretty much why also because I saw Joe Keery and Joseph Quinn and I thought they were fine.”


What is your favorite thing about Stranger Things?

“I just really like the vibe of Stranger Things. I like the 80s feel. I like listening to music that I grew up with; it makes me feel nostalgic. I also like the men, mainly Joseph Quinn. Yeah, he’s adorable. He’s my man, and I want to marry him. You know when I first liked the promo picture I thought he was ugly and then I started watching it and realized how charismatic he was and that’s why I fell in love because he’s so cute but yeah just because of the 80s vibe, the music, and the men.”


Who is your favorite character from Stranger Things?

“I have multiple favorite characters in stranger things. The first one is Nancy wheeler I just resonate with her a lot. My next one is Eddie love him so much even though he’s dead I still love him and you know he plays that guitar so well like oh my God Master of Puppets thing was so good did you know that Joseph Quinn played that live on set? I just think that’s so cool. My next favorite character is Eleven I know that’s basic but I just love Eleven. Plus Millie Bobby Brown’s my age .”


Would you recommend that people watch Stranger Things?

“I guess I really just depends on the person. If you want to watch kids running around, doing stuff, and going on adventures, then yeah. If you want the 80s vibe about it, yeah, but if that’s not for you, it’s not for you, and you know what, that’s okay. It’s okay that you don’t want to watch Stranger Things, but some of the crazies in the fandom will get you but I won’t get you because I’m cool like that .”

my top 5 monster high characters

In the spirit of Halloween, what is more fitting than monster high? So for this blog I will be listing my top 5 monster high characters. Whether it be for looks, personality, or the movie they are in these are the ones that have always stuck with me. Monster High was a big part of my childhood. Even my little brother (who was obsessed with the power rangers) enjoyed the movies as well. I feel honored to have grown up and been able to experience the magic of Monster High in real time. There was always a rush of excitement whenever a new movie would be announced. I always looked forward to seeing what new character designs we would get to see. Now currently Monster High is being rebooted, and while I’m happy, nothing will ever beat the original. Lets get started.

Starting with number five:

C.A Cupid

I have just always loved Cupid so much. Cupid was introduced in “Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?”. I was obsessed with her character design. I love her pink hair, and her heart shaped lips so much. I also loved her role in the movie. (I’ll try to include a picture, but it might not work)

At number four we have:

Elle Eedee

I was OBSESSED with her doll so much. I just remember being in love with her color pallet and design. Her hair was a combination of purple and blue, and it was just the most beautiful thing to look at. Elle is a robot who appeared in the Boo York movie. Her name is a pun and I thought that it was so clever. (L.E.D)


For number three we have:

Honey Swamp

Honey was introduced in the “Frights Camera Action!” movie. Her character design is just flawless to me. I love her color pallet, but her hair is definitely my favorite. Also her name is so cute. I wish I could have gotten her doll.


At number two we have:

Lagoona Blue

Lagoona was the first monster high doll that I ever owned, and she is also a part of the main cast. I love everything about Lagoona. I love her Australian accent, and her personality as well. Her hair is gorgeous as well. One thing about monster high is they’re going to make sure that the hair is perfect. There is no telling where my Lagoona doll is now, but wherever she is may she rest in peace.

And now for number one:


Operreta has just always stuck with me for some reason. Her character design is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the fact that she has a southern accent. Operreta is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, and she loves music. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Honorable mention:

Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia is just so cute to me. I love how she’s a zombie, but shes probably the smartest character in the entire series. I love everything about her!

old poem

The Chair Tells Stories 

I open the door and the bell does a chime

My presence is made known to those who’ve arrived

My appointment was scheduled for 12:30

But I came in at 12, just in case she finished up early

I’d rather be safe than end up sorry

Her time is money, so she cannot wait


I took my seat on the chair against the wall

One of the few chairs that weren’t drowned in hair

I looked in front of me at the pictures

I wonder what’s the story behind them


I listen to the scissors performance

The music ends, and she says that it’s my turn

She dusts the hair away and I sit down

But the hairless chair failed to last long         

One thing that I love about poetry is the ability to tell a story in such a few amount of words. Poetry has always been something that I naturally have a love for. There are many different kinds of poetry. Some kinds follow a distinct set of rules, while other times you can just do whatever you want. I appreciate the amount of freedom that poetry allows a person to have. You can express anything that you want too with multiple stanzas or just a few lines. I typically like to rhyme in my poems, but I chose not to in this one. Rhyming comes so natural to me and it just so fun to do, but I also like the way that a poem does not have to rhyme. The possibilities are truly endless. I find that I am able to write best when I have a specific idea in my head. I can not think on an idea for too long, and try to create something that was never there in the first place. I have to already know exactly what I want to execute before I actually start on my piece. It helps things flow more smoothly for me. Writing drafts is a great way to get all of my ideas down. Sometimes at night I will have a random burst of inspiration, so I will open my notes app on my phone and write out everything until I feel like I have a stable base for one of my pieces. The prompt for this poem was to write about a distinct setting, and for some reason the idea of writing about a hair salon seemed so perfect to me. When I wrote this poem I had hair that was all the way down my back that I just didn’t know how to love any more. I dyed it, I cut bangs, I gave myself layers, but nothing ever satisfied me for long. I damaged my hair in the process and I knew that I had to let it go sooner or later. My hair meant everything to me, so cutting it off was something that was far from easy. It took a few months to detach myself from its hold, but once I did I knew that I was ready. When I cut my hair off I felt nothing but relief. It felt good to have a fresh start. I cut off 17 years worth of hair and I regret nothing. So if you have to take one thing away from my poem, it’s do whatever you want with your hair. Remember that it will always come back, so if you’ve ever thought about dying it a new color, cutting bangs, or going completely bald, do it. It will all come back one day.

The Warriors

The Warriors is a novel written by Sol Yurick in 1965, that was later adapted into the 1979 film with the same title.  The Warriors is one of my favorite movies ever so once I found out that it was a novel as well I had to read it, because if the movie is great then the book has to be 10x better. The setting takes place in New York, and is centered around a gang that goes by the name The Warriors. We follow them as they make their way through New York to meet at some kind of assembly held by the leader of the strongest gang in New York whose name is Cyrus. The purpose of this meeting is to get all the gangs to work as one to take over the city and overthrow the police, and everything goes as planned until it takes a drastic turn. The leader of the top gang is shot and killed, and the police also appear so this sends everybody into a panic. The leader was shot by the leader of another gang whose name is Luther. Luther then decides to throw the blame onto the warriors and everybody believes him. So now here the warriors are far away from their base, and they have to make it back home all while avoiding not only police, but other rival gangs along the way.

The go through an array of obstacles the end up picking off certain members of their gang, leaving them with a smaller group than how they started. They make their way through several areas that belong to rival gangs who are trying to kill them because they think that they shot Cyrus. Their own leader ends up being killed by Cyrus’s gang, so a member that goes by the name Swan takes over. Along the way Swan meets a girl who lived with another gang. Her name is Mercy, and they form a bond that is toxic, but still romantic. Mercy ends up leaving with the warriors after she instigated a fight between them and her previous gang. Through out the night they have to survive many fights and battles with gang members and the police as well. We truly see the dynamic of the group and what roles they each play as the story progresses. Eventually they do make it make to Coney Island, where Luther and his gang is there waiting to kill them, but it does not go according to his plan. Cyrus’s gang received information on who actually killed him, and pays their respects to the warriors and end up killing Cyrus. From there the warriors are free from running and have nothing to worry about. They lost three members in total and ended up gaining one more.

I’m not able to do full justice by just describing how this story went, but it is truly one of the best things that I have both read and watched. It was incredibly enjoyable and I loved how well the novel was paced. There was a single moment where I felt it was rushed or drug out too long.  It’s an amazing film and an occult classic, so I encourage everyone to at least watch the movie if reading is not your favorite thing!

a bittersweet goodbye

This is not an easy blog to write, for as you all know our beloved Mrs.Sibley will not be returning to MSA next year. I want to commemorate my final blog to wishing her a goodbye. 

Mrs.Sibley, you have been one of the best teachers that I have ever had. I love your positive spirit, and how welcome you’ve always made us feel. I will miss doing workshop with you; you always give amazing suggestions and you allow us to have the creative freedom that an artist deserves! I want to thank you for introducing some incredible mentor texts to us all, and I know they will stick with me forever. I have created my favorite pieces of writing all because of you. Thank you for believing in all of us, and wanting to see us shine at our full potential. All students should get to experience a teacher like you; a teacher that makes school worth going too. Even though our time together was cut short, I am so glad that I got to experience you for at least one year. You are off to do big things with people who need your positive presence in their life, and I know you won’t be physically with us anymore but you will stay in our hearts forever. I won’t call this a goodbye, see you later is a more proper term! Thank you for all that you have done for us, and thank you for the impact that you have made on my life!

See you later Mrs.Sibley! <3


The school year is not quite over yet, but I am barely hanging on. It’s a bad habit of mine to get lazy and just do the bare minimum to get by, but I am determined not to let that happen this year. The anticipation of summer just makes this so much more difficult honestly, but I just keep telling myself that I’m almost done and I can’t give up yet. So, basically, what I’m here to say is don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t able to produce your best quality work or if you just don’t have any ideas because its okay! As long as you push forward the best that you can that’s all that matters. 

bye! <3


No matter how hard I think I absolutely cannot think of any ideas for this blog. So I have no other choice but to dedicate this to my beloved dog PJ. 

PJ was once a young, kind soul, but somewhere along the way he morphed into a treacherous beast. But deep down inside I know that he has the spirit of a sunny day that lives within his cold heart. The best way that I can describe him would be an oversized garden gnome with anger issues. He is so short, but so angry that it doesn’t make sense. Or maybe that’s why he’s so upset. Because he can probably fit inside of our mailbox? I would be kind of upset too. But despite him putting on such a mean front he was one true love. And that love is the lake that is in our neighborhood. If you ever want to see him with a smile on his face just tell him that he gets to go to the lake. And once he gets to his destination there is no getting him out of that water. He will spin and splash around in circles for hours on end if we don’t force him out. It is truly a joyful sight. Then once we manage to snatch him out of the lake water, he gets to play with a water hose to his hearts content. I don’t think he understands that we hose him down in order to clean him, but the less he knows the better. With that being said I love my dog PJ, and while he might rarely show it; I know he loves me too.

PJ for president whenever the next election is…

Happy BHM!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post, BUT I promise that I have not forgotten about this. As you all know it is currently February which means that it is Black History Month! We should all use this month to enjoy and appreciate all aspects of black culture. With that being said there is a black history production this Thursday at 7:00 that we worked very hard on, and it would be amazing if you all could join and watch. Your presence is all we need, and your ears are all you need in order to hear our voices and the message that we are trying to get across. It will be a very beautiful production, so tell your friends to come and watch as well. I hope to see you all there.



A New Semester

Welcome back everybody! I know that it’s been a while since my last blog post, but I am glad to be back. It’s a new year, which means that it’s time for new goals and accomplishments. My goal last year was just to get over the mountain that is called Algebra II, and now that I’ve managed that it feels like a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. It’s a new semester which means that we all now have new classes, and a fresh start to everything. Even though covid cases have been higher than they’ve ever been I hope that we all can manage to stay safe. I’m glad to be back here and I look forward to the rest of this year!

My Favorite Steven Universe Gems

Steven Universe is one of my favorite T.V shows to watch. Steven Universe first aired on November 4th, 2013, that seems like such a long time ago! This showed inspired me in such an artistic way. Different types of rocks and crystals have always been something that I have enjoyed, so seeing that there was a show being made about these things made my heart ecstatic. There are many different types of gems in this show and I will be showing my top 5 favorite! 

5. Blue Diamond

4. Bismuth

3. Peridot



How I came up with my favorite gems was based off of their appearance, personality, and background. There are so many loveable characters in this show that it can be hard to choose, but for my honorable mention I’m going to have to absolutely give it away to Garnet.