World Building Project pt. 15

…Following the Night of Red Petals massacre, rumors began to spread of mysterious peoples stalking the narrow alleyways of Mirrelm. Reports described stout creatures vailed in robes that are reminiscent of stereotypical wizard garb. however, underneath said garb appears to be technologically advanced suits. The latter claim points to these alegged peoples being somewhat associated with the postatons, perhaps even their creators. 

Though the purpose for their arrival and even their existence is little more than conjecture, that is until an incident at the postaton capital building confirmed a handful of these theories. 

Two of these people were spotted convening with an elderly postaton. The public, who was still reeling from the Night of Red Petals massacre became enraged, as it seemed to them that the postatons were entertaining foreigners while neglecting their own citizen’s concerns about the recent tragedy. What was said between the three is unknown due to one of the creature’s warning of flashing their “wand” to the growing crowd (Illustrated above) 

Though, before violence was able to break out, the creatures were taken deeper into the bowls of the capital building. After that, reports of the mysterious peoples ceased, and their existence was left as a small footnote in the incidents leading up to the fall of the postatons.

Author: Joseph Hanna

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