let’s talk spooky movies!

hey, blog! for this post, i wanna talk about one of my favorite genres of film–spooky. not necessarily horror movies, just films that have a fantastical, scary, or autumnal vibe. (a legit horror movie list will likely arrive later). i’ve been rewatching lots of my halloween favorites lately, and i figured this was the perfect place to recommend some of them! so, without further ado, (and in no particular order) here are some great spooky movies!

practical magic (1998)


this is a movie that i watched for the first time recently, and i fell totally in love with it (thanks, locklyn)! it’s got the perfect blend of romance, nostalgia, and fantasy. plus, sandy bullock, stockard channing, and nicole kidman–how can it get any better? the soundtrack, too, is truly a beauty to behold. stevie nicks, joni mitchell, elvis–all my favorites in one place. another thing i love about this movie is that the dynamic of the family reminds me so much of my own. i could see glimpses of my mom, aunts, cousins, and myself in the characters. 10/10 spooky girl power comfort movie for sure.

the rocky horror picture show (1975)

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fellas, this is one of my absolute favorite musicals, and the 70s movie is my favorite adaptation of it. rhps is hands-down one of the most creative, odd stories ever told, and this movie is the definition of a campy glam rock masterpiece. susan sarandon and tim curry (as always) are phenomenal and make this wacky, low-budget movie stand the test of time. the songs are bangers from start to finish, and the script is endlessly quotable. 

p.s. msa students are putting on a production of it on halloween night, and i may or may not be playing janet weiss!

the addams family (1991)

The Addams Family (1991) - IMDb

let’s get one thing straight–when i reference the addams family, i am always, always referring to the 1991 version! what a fun, campy, macabre masterpiece. when i was little, i got so excited when this movie came on tv because i was always compared to wednesday–and maybe, in hindsight, that was meant as an insult to my pessimistic nature or rbf, but i took it as the highest compliment because in my eyes, wednesday was the coolest ever. to this day, i want what morticia and gomez have. talk about a family who minds their business, keeps their circle small, and looks out for their own. the american dream, if you ask me. the cast is a delight, as well–houston, ricci, and julia deserve nothing less than three academy awards apiece. the perfect comfort movie for little girls who have dark humor and can’t seem to fit in anywhere.

well, that’s all for now. ’til next time, have a happy halloween!

(and come see msa’s production of rocky horror!)



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