3 movies for true crime connoisseurs

bonjour, y’all. this week, i’ll be writing about three of my favorite movies, and they all happen to be based on stories of true crime. i decided that since, like me, many people are fascinated by the psychology behind crimes, and there are lots of movies that showcase it masterfully, i’d do a list on it! for this list, it’ll be strictly fictionalized versions of the events– no documentaries. that would be a whole other can of worms, which i am not yet ready to open : )

heavenly creatures

oh, great heavens. if you’ve been around me at all for the past week or so, you’ve definitely heard me talking about this movie (or, at least, doing a horrendous new zealand accent). like i mentioned, i only discovered this movie a few days ago, and it’s one of my favorite recent discoveries! it’s based on an incredibly interesting case from the 1950s, in which two young girls became obsessed with each other, and when threatened with separation, chose to commit matricide. i was already vaguely aware of the case and had the movie on my watchlist, but i won’t lie–the thing that really got me to watch this movie was its cast. i was having a talk with someone about our favorite kate winslet roles (as one does), and he mentioned heavenly creatures, and said it was worth a watch. he was definitely right. kate, as always, is wonderful in her role, and melanie lynskey, as always, is a powerhouse of emotion. i am literally never not thinking about this film, and i would be more than happy to talk about it to literally anyone who will listen. please, if you enjoy true crime, or if you’re just sick of hearing me quote it without context– check this movie out!

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boys don’t cry

this movie made me absolutely sob. it’s so gut-wrenching and beautifully made. it’s based on the life and tragic death of brandon teena, a young transgender man who was assaulted and killed at a young age. i’ve known about brandon’s case for a long time and have watched several documentaries and interviews regarding it, but this movie gave me such a new, necessary insight into it. i love this film because it doesn’t only show the tragedy of how brandon lost his life, but it also shows the kind, generous, adventurous person that he was. hilary swank most definitely deserved the oscar for this role. she plays him with such truth, and chloe sevigny is a perfect addition. if you are interested in true crime, look into brandon’s case, please. he should never, ever be forgotten, and awareness about his death and the issues surrounding it should be spread always.

On Being "Brave": Watching and Re-watching Boys Don't Cry - Bright  Wall/Dark Room

i, tonya

this has been one of my favorites since i first watched it! i recently rewatched it with my family and was reminded of just how brilliant this film truly is. as someone who is fascinated by 90s culture and true crime, this movie was the perfect watch for me. it gives really interesting insight into the incident and paints tonya harding as an actual person rather than the villain she’s often made out to be. as always, margot robbie and sebastian stan are wonderful, and allison janney is always the perfect addition to pretty much anything. this movie is so complex and emotional, making you laugh one minute, cringe the next, and cry for the all-around terror of the incident. also, the soundtrack for this movie–10/10!

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  1. All three of these films are 10/10 for me. I remember the first time I watched Boys Don’t Cry. I balled for hours. Also, I, Tonya was amazing and finally, heavenly creatures was an… experience. Thank you for introducing me to Gina and DebORah.

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