Ten Things I love about Atla/Lok Part 1 :)

Okay, so, I recently began a rewatch of the Avatar The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra, and it has really reignited my love for the franchise. I go back and I revisit these worlds and I’m once again overcome with my appreciation for them. The creators of these series should be so incredibly proud of themselves, because they’ve made something that is so amazing. So, I wish to discuss my favorite things about the ATLA/LOK universe, because I just want to. 

DISCLAIMER: These are in no particular order, so it’s not technically a ranking. Also, SPOILER ALERT lol. Also on top of the also, excuse any misspellings, I tried to check as much as I could. 

1) Waterbending, anykind, anywhere.

Okay, so I know that I said this wasn’t in order of best to worst, but this item is at the top of the list for a reason. From the first episode of ATLA to the last episode of LOK, I have been in love with waterbending above all other elements. Firebending may be pretty, earthbending may be powerful, and airbending may be graceful, but waterbending is simply beautiful. The intricate, fluid movements that it uses, the sight of the actual water moving, the culture and design of the tribes, all the variants in technique and style; it’s all just so pleasing to look at. If bending ever suddenly and miraculously becomes reality and I am not made a water bender, I will wage another 100 year war. 

2) Clothing that aides in bending.

On a slightly smaller scale is the clothing that exists in the Avatar world. From the metalbending officers of Republic City’s uniform cables, to the plates warn by Kuvira’s soldiers, to the Air Nation’s flight suits, I love it all. The concept of clothing that helps someone with their bending, even something as simple as Katara’s old water pouches, is so so cool to me. I love the idea of all the ingenuity it could bring, and all the different designs it could produce. The concept of more clothing designed for benders fuels my imagination every day. 


3) Wan Shi Tong’s Spirit Library

When I tell you I would commit unspeakable crimes to be able to browse this library, I hope a government official isn’t listening, because I am not joking. I absolutely adore the idea of this place, with thousands of years of actually spiritually ordained knowledge, all under one roof. I can understand what the professor from the desert episode was thinking when he chose to stay there forever, and I can see why Jinora was so excited to find it. Granted, its guardian may be inherently evil, but come on, even he is awesome. A giant owl that can speak and guards thousands of years of books??? That’s just genius. Cliché genius, yes, but genius nonetheless. 


4) The Pets

I would kill a man to pet Pabu. There, I said it, and I will not take it back. I am just as in love with Bo Lin as the next person who likes animated boys, but I would happily shove him aside to get to that tiny red panda. Not to mention Naga, for whose hug I would go to war for. And Appa, which I would transcend reality to meet, and Momo, which I would defeat every villain Aang and Korra ever faced to hold. Please, if you do not find each and every one of these creatures (and any I didn’t mention) as absolutely adorable as I do, see a doctor. There’s something wrong with you. Oh, also, I would love a shirshu, and you can fight me, they’re cool. 


5) Sokka and Varrick

You cannot convince me that Varrick is not a reincarnation of Sokka. They have the EXACT same energy, like actually. When I first watched the series, I forgot the time loop completely and thought Varrick was a grown up Sokka. Regardless, both of their energies are so chaotically wholesome, and I love the chemistry they bring to their respective shows. Also, watching those two fall in love was nauseatingly wholesome. 


Alright, that’s all for this week. Stay tuned for the rest of the list next week! Until then! 

Sincerely, someone who may or may not have daydreamed multiple atla/lok storylines <3


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