Everywhere At The End Of Time

This is going to be a relatively short blog, but I wanted to talk about something I had discovered recently. It’s a musical interpretation of the brain decaying due to dementia. Created by The Caretaker it is titled “Everywhere At The End Of Time”. If you want to listen to it yourself, I’ve linked it here:


It is a very interesting experience. Though it is over six hours in length, if you find yourself with the time to listen to it I seriously recommend it. It may not be a perfect representation of each individual experience, but I believe, from what I’ve read on it, that it is a very accurate generalization of the experience. It is a very saddening thing that dementia exists in the first place, but I believe that being able to, to even such a small extent, experience and relate to those who suffer from it is a beneficial thing.

The idea of forgetting everything is terrifying. The idea of living a long life just to enter a state where it may as well have never happened to you, is even more excruciating. My heart goes out to those who suffer from, and know those who are suffering from, dementia. Even if the individual themselves forgets the life they lived, may it live on yet longer in the memories of others. 

I’ll see you again in due time. This was just me sharing something, though I believe I am going to do more research on dementia and, as a possible result, more blogs on the subject. Thank you for reading, and may you always remember the life you’ve led.

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