a celebration of us so far!

we have done it. we are on the threshold of spring break, and we are ready to take a week off. it was hard, yes, but we have made it this far. now, I know that it doesn’t seem as if it is super easy to just take a break, to put work and school on pause, but you deserve it!

i know that i for one am super duper excited to be able to take a breather, but i am also concerned about getting all of my work done. the bad news is, those worries don’t really just go away, but I think a week off of having to actively work on projects is just what i need at the moment.

im not gonna lie to the lovely blogspacers, I am extremely burnt out. which is probably why this blog is going to be very short. i really just needed a moment to tell myself what i needed to hear, because spring break can’t get here fast enough!

so, basically, I am writing this blog as a pat on the back to both of us. you and myself… we did it!

Author: Adele Bryant

K-pop, Jane Austen, food, and writing enthusiast. Strong believer in pineapple on pizza.

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