My Favorite Five Nights at Freddy’s Games In Order of Best To Worst!

Hello everyone! If you have read my previous blogs you’ll know that I’m a huge horror movie fan. My love for horror does not stop there though! I also love horror games! One of which is the widely known Five Nights At Freddy’s franchise. I’m sure you’ve heard of it once or twice, but if not I’ll briefly explain it to you. The concept of the game is to survive fight nights at a pizzeria filled with animatronics that were meant for entertaining children. We play as the security guard who was hired to watch over the establishment. These animatronics are said to become vicious and murderous when the pizzeria closes. As the player of the game you have to use mechanics like closing doors, checking the security cameras, and using a flashlight to protect yourself while also conserving power at the same time to survive. Now, lets get into my ranking.  I will be excluding the spin off, mobile only, and upcoming games. Oh, and I probably will have two animatronics listed occasionally for my favorites because its just so hard to choose!

8.  Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Okay I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on this game because it is EASILY the worst game out of the main series. If you don’t agree you obviously have not played the game. I’m not one to bash people for their opinions but please… just not this game. I mean, its not terrible lore wise, but the gameplay isn’t the best. Pretty much in this game you work as a security guard who must defend themselves from a rotting animatronic called Springtrap that William Afton has been trapped inside and inhabits the attraction, along with phantom animatronics that resemble the original ones. Other than the gameplay, the lore in this game is huge. Keep in mind that the lore of Fnaf is mostly theories from fans. Some have solid proof and others do not. I am not going to say much about the lore because I find it so complex and interesting that I think you should look into it yourself!

Favorite Animatronic(s): Phantom Balloon Boy or Phantom Mangle

7. Ultimate Custom Night

I actually haven’t played Ultimate Custom Night myself but I have watched multiple play-throughs on YouTube. The gameplay for this game is kind of like a choose your own difficulty type thing. You can choose how hard you would like the game and you can choose which animatronics to play against. The hardest mode is 20:20:20:20 mode. There is lore in all of the Fnaf games so I’m not going to continue to talk about it. 

Favorite Animatronic: Circus Baby

6.Five Nights at Freddy’s

This was the first game in the whole series. Five Nights at Freddy’s started a whole new era of horror games. This was the starting point. In the timeline of Fnaf, this game is not actually the first event. The gameplay includes the player as a security guard in a pizzeria. You as the player have to conserve energy all while having to use the doors, check security cameras to check the locations of all the animatronics, and turn on the lights when needed to protect yourself from the murderous animatronics. This game opened up so many doors for a lot of different groups of people. The biggest opportunities came to youtubers and other influencers. For example, Markiplier (aka the king of five nights at Freddy’s) and MatPat from Game Theory. They both benefitted greatly from this game.

Favorite Animatronic: Foxy

5. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

I played this one for a while. It was the second Fnaf game that gave a brand new aspect to the game. Instead of playing as a security guard we play as an entrepreneur opening our own pizzeria. We start off with some money and we earn it by how many customers we attract. The interesting part of this game is the scrap animatronics that you find out in the alleyway. You can choose to take them in or leave them out. The game was particularly fun to me because it was new. It had many different mini games inside of it which had SO MUCH lore included. It was just very entertaining to play, plus it was a free game.

Favorite animatronic(s):  Bonnet, Scrap Baby

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

Some say that this is the scariest Fnaf game but I disagree. Okay yes the animatronics are definitely scarier in terms of intimidation and sharp teeth, but they’re fairly easy to avoid. The difference with this game is that you aren’t in a pizzeria with these blood thirsty animatronics. You are a child, sitting on your bed in your house. You carry a flashlight as usual, and you can run off your bed to close the closet and the two doors that lead to the hallways in your house. You also have to make sure to check the bed behind you when you sit down. This flashlight’s battery never dies though.  You can hear audio ques and other little hints that let you know which door to go to.  After each night, the player has to play a mini game including the animatronic named Plushtrap. It’s a dangerous game but its not too hard to complete.

Favorite animatronic: Fredbear

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

This is the most recent game from the franchise. This one actually dives into Virtual Reality. Of course if you don’t have a VR headset or anything you can play the version that is just on the screen of your computer. This game takes us on a whole different story as well. It includes forty different mini games you have to complete to win. This game honestly confused me at first but after I watched a few explanation videos I can see how meta this game can get. You as the player are a tester for an indie game that was created by the canon Freddy Fazbear Entertainment company. They created this game to make light of the damaging rumors surrounding the deaths and disappearances from the establishments. The story of this game is very complex but basically you find tapes around the minigames that you play that you can listen to. They are in random order so you have to figure it out yourself as the player. I won’t dive too deep into it, mostly because as most things I write about, I want you to either play it yourself or watch someone else on YouTube do it!

Favorite animatronic(s): Vanny  (does it even count as a animatronic? If not then lets just say Mangle)

2. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Funnily enough, this was the first Fnaf game that I bought and played myself. I absolutely loved this game, mostly because I had watched other people play the first game so I could see the improvements. Little did I know how big this franchise would get. It added a few new mechanics that the last game did not have. For example, the music box/marionette. You play as the security guard once again, and the thing with the marionette (aka puppet) is very anxiety inducing. It was for me at least. You have to check the camera in the prize corner that held the puppet’s music box. You have to keep it wound up at all times. If the song finishes, its an instant kill. Balloon Boy was also a new addition. This little punk steals your batteries. He makes cool sound effects though. 

Favorite animatronic(s): Mangle and Marionette

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

I actually remember playing this game on my phone with all my friends watching me on the bus ride home. Good times. This one is my personal favorite for SO many reasons. Three of the main reasons is the comedy aspect, animatronic design, and gameplay. It features a mechanic where you can move between rooms and interreact with the animatronics without being jump-scared, which was first of its kind when this game was released.  Each room had its own objective you had to complete. After each night you are given a minigame including the main animatronic of this game, Circus Baby. The comedic aspect of this game is mainly in the commentary from HandUnit (an A.I. who assists Michael.) He provides most of the comedy. One of my favorite parts is where it changes its voice algorithm to match that of an “angsty teen.” The animatronics in this game have my favorite color scheme and design than any of the other games. Their main colors are white and pink, excluding Circus Baby whose colors are white, orange and green. In this game we play as Michael Afton, the son of the creator of these animatronics, William Afton. We are hired as a security guard for this underground facility hosting rental animatronics for kids birthday parties. We go through each night and complete all the tasks we have to do for the animatronics. Eventually we can hear “Baby” start speaking to us, leading us astray from the HandUnit’s instruction. Gosh I loved this game so much. I won’t go much further into it since I’ve already said so much. If you end up playing any of these games for yourself (if you already haven’t) I recommend this one the most!

Favorite animatronic(s): Bon Bon, Funtime Freddy, Circus Baby.


Thank you so much for reading this week! Let me know who your favorite animatronics are and which games you loved the most in the comments! Also, keep an eye on next week’s blog. Wink wink 😉


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  1. The fact that sister location is at the top of the list proves you to be a credible source for rankings. I agree with pretty much every ranking, surprisingly enough, but especially this one. Also, the fact that ballora was not included in animatronic favorites for SL is criminal!!!

  2. Mangle is obviously my favorite animatronic, along with Foxy. I mean, look at me. Regardless, this ranking system is the best I’ve seen so far. Sister Location was so underappreciated in my eyes, especially considering just how much of the story it really opened up theory-wise. Nice job 🙂

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