Blog! Later?

I can do this later. I can write this blog later. I have plenty of time to just write this whole thing later. I’m not even going to bother with it. Why should I have to do something now that I could just as easily do later? It’s not procrastination if the assignment doesn’t even cross your mind, right?

I have all the time in the world. But I’m sitting here writing a blog. I could be doing a million other things. I’m just lacking in motivation. I’m extremely demotivated right now. It’s not unhealthy to be demotivated. It’s a sign that you need to give your mind some rest. So I’m blogging. Blogging instead of doing any of the other things I need to do.

I wonder what this blog is even about. Is there some lesson that a reader could learn about life from reading this? If there isn’t, then I’ll give you this. Take a break. Do something you enjoy doing. Something due tomorrow can spare time for you to have a little bit of today. Work hard and rest easy. Whatever order you think is best for you. Take care of yourself. If you don’t have the energy to blog right now then that’s perfectly fine. Blog later.

2 thoughts on “Blog! Later?”

  1. I love the subtle difference in focus for this blog. It’s hard to pick up on, but this one is less focused on the audience and more internally oriented. Very powerful choice.

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