why i want to be misty day when i grow up

one of the most iconic and brilliant series in recent history is the anthology, american horror story. “coven”, the third season of the show, features a school for young witches in new orleans, which intrinsically fascinates me because of my affinity for spookiness.  one thing that gives the show its twisted charm is its ability to allow you to fall in love with its characters, despite its incredibly dark subject matter. a perfect example of this effect is my adoration of a particular witch in the third season.

ethereal is the best way to describe one of the most beloved women of ahs– misty day. she is the first character in this blog series that i discovered recently, which made me almost hesitant to write about her rather than characters that have walked alongside me for many years; but something about her stood out to me immediately upon experiencing her story.

misty is strikingly beautiful, with waves of blonde hair and wise eyes. she’s extremely eccentric and spends most of her time alone. she is from the louisiana bayou, where she was shunned because of her powers. misty possesses the ability to bring the dead back to life. some people from her Pentecostal community believed that she was gifted, chosen for a higher purpose. unfortunately, most believed that her powers stemmed from evil. when she performed a miracle by reviving a dead bird, the people made the decision to burn her at the stake. because of her gift, she was resurrected and spent her time wandering through the swamps, making a home for herself. she lived in a small shack she had furnished with natural materials she collected in her exploring. her home was covered in the plants she nurtured herself. 

i think what drew me to misty immediately was her love for stevie nicks, which i share. she spends her days in her beautiful, cozy corner of the louisiana swamp, listening to the mystical words of one of the greatest female singer-songwriters of all time, and i’d be lying if i claimed not to be jealous of such a life. i think the stevie’s lyrics reflect misty’s character in many ways. like her, they are simultaneously simple and enchanting with an undeniable sense of melancholy and power. misty describes stevie as her hero, and i relate to that on a positively spiritual level.

a heartbreaking part of misty’s story is her loneliness. having been misunderstood her entire life, she really never had anyone to consider a friend. misty has one of the kindest, gentlest souls i’ve ever seen in a character, and the thought of her felling unwanted is so devastating. when she finally discovers her home, her family in the coven, she finally feels the true sense of peace that she deserved all along.

i must acknowledge that this installment is shorter than the others in this series (but not without reason). i think it’s only fitting for misty, someone who doesn’t waste time on delicately crafted words. she inspires and enchants by simply living. her compassion and grace are incomparable, and possessing such a quiet charm as hers would be remarkable.

misty day mini playlist:

seven wonders- stevie nicks

rhiannon- stevie nicks

dreams- fleetwood mac

songbird- fleetwood mac

if you ever did believe- stevie nicks





misty wearing the shawl stevie nicks gave her <3

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