oh mai gawd music is my liiife

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I’m sure everyone knows how big of a music fanatic I am. There’s rarely a time I don’t have my earbuds in listening to something. Lately, I’ve begun to have a thing for making themed playlists. What I’ll do is, I’ll choose a topic or a creative title. Then, I take hours – sometimes even days – to search through my favorite or related artists that I feel like make music to fit the genre or theme. Once that’s done, I go ahead and find a cool cover to add and boom – done. To be completely honest with you, I’m saying all this just to say I really wanna make a playlist for you guys. I really enjoy making playlists for people and seeing/hearing their reactions. It doesn’t give me a sense of validation, but genuine happiness when I see someone listening to the playlists I’ve made for them. That’s one of my biggest signs of ‘I love you’ – making a playlist. With that being said, I’m gonna suggest some songs or make a playlist if you will. Doing this makes me feel like I’m making a mix tape, which is what they do in indie or chill movies and I mean who doesn’t love indie/chill movies??? Sooooo, I’m gonna make a playlist with indie and/or chill vibes. I hope you guys enjoy! 🙂 

  • American Spirits – Inner Wave
  • We’re Not Just Friends – Parks, Squares and Alleys
  • Driving to Hawaii – Summer Salt
  • Shalala – Moses Gunn Collective
  • Halcyon Age – Vansire
  • The Things You Do (To Me) – Mark Whalen
  • Please Be Mine – Molly Burch
  • (She’s) Just a Phase – Puma Blue
  • Mysight – Mild Orange
  • Set Piece – Vansire
  • Spring Time Blues – Marsandaras (M*A*R*S)
  • Life – The Walters
  • Without You – Strawberry Guy
  • Electric Feel – MGMT
  • Venus Flytrap – Feng Suave
  • Lauren – Men I Trust
  • Keep Kool – Winona Forever
  • Streems – The Symposium
  • Hey Girl – Paul Cherry
  • Lady Friend – PONCHO
  • Baby Please – Black Pool
  • Big Sis – SALES
  • Superstition Future – TOPS
  • Talk a Lot – SALES
  • Sugarcoat – Kid Bloom
  • My Jinji – Sunset Rollercoaster
  • So Good At Being in Trouble – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • I Don’t Know You – The Marías
  • I Love You So – The Walters
  • Cuz You’re My Girl – Yung Heazy
  • Lucky Love – Michael Seyer
  • Honeydew – Katzú Oso
  • Heart and My Car – Summer Salt
  • Burgundy Red – Sunset Rollercoaster
  • Over the Moon – The Marías
  • Maybe – RICEWINE

Welp, this is my playlist for you all! All of these songs come from one of my playlists on Spotify named 내 마음을 사로 잡다  (Captivate My Heart). If you wanna hear more or follow it, don’t worry. I got you. Click the picture up on the top. Hope you guys enjoy! Byyye <3 

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