File 39 – Report 16 – Section 5: The Always

Hello! Quick writers note before we begin! This is a fun little project I am going to be working on for the rest of the school year, and it is going to be an experiment in a type of writing I am not particularly confident in. Therefore, I’m using blogs to give myself some practice before I do anything major with it. Hope you enjoy :)! Also, yes, this first one is inspired by The SCP Foundation.


The Always, sometimes referred to as The Never, is an anomalous period of time that can be induced unto another, often resulting in high levels of paranoia and an increase in cases of Deja vu. While under it’s affects, the victim will experience a “pause” of sorts in time. Often, they will not realize that the pause is even in place. They will go about their life as usual, even living entirely fleshed out lives. However, upon any form of death, they will immediately be reverted back to the moment that they were put under the effect. The victim will, once they revert, exhibit a strong amount of paranoia and enter into a depressive state, often taking drastic measures. However, if the victim survives for ten minutes, they will seem to completely forget any of the events that transpired.

The Deja vu kicks in as a result of whatever they experienced while under the influence to have high similarities to events that actually occur in reality. However, it is not a constant occurrence, as this Deja vu only happens around once or twice every day. This is extremely low compared to later stages.

After around two months to three years have passed, the Deja vu experienced will increase in frequency and severity, oftentimes leading the victim to believe that they themselves are already dead. Though in this stage they are still capable of being stabilized, oftentimes by speaking to someone they are close to, or being neutralized with some form of anesthesia. 

The final stage begins around the time that it is speculated that their death had actually happened. The victim becomes non-responsive to any outer stimuli. This is joined with frequent paranoic episodes, increasing with severity as time goes on. The length in time that this lasts is from around 3-5 months, the longest being recorded to have reached 18 months total, though the victim in this situation was met with several other anomalous circumstances. 

Finally, the victim will once again return to how they were normally. However, witnessing the victim return to consciousness immediately induces this state onto any people in proximity. After this return to normalcy, the victim will have around 5 minutes to live before dying of what appears to be total bodily failure. 

There have been 3 total ways of inducing The Always identified so far. One, as previously mentioned, is to witness the return of another victim. Another is induced by an overwhelmingly strong sense of Deja vu that happens suddenly. Finally, it can also be induced when reading the anomalous collection known as “The Solomon Archives”, which is an entirely separate report.


Well! That’s the end of that! Once again, I hope you enjoyed reading this! The next one, as you may have guessed, is going to cover the aforementioned Solomon Archives. This, however, will be presented closer to a first person POV report of someone’s own encounter with it, instead of the SCP wiki-style report shown above. Since I prefer psychological horror, I won’t have any crazy malevolent entities that hunt people down. Instead, I prefer the realistic horror of being affected by a life you never really lived :). Have a great day!

Author: Matthew McLain

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