I’m Out Of Ideas

This is it! I’m out of ideas! We’re at the bottom of the barrel, and it’s gone rotten. I have no idea what to do for my blogs right now. All of the ideas I’ve had so far, save for the darker timeline, have fallen flat for me. I don’t particularly enjoy writing most of the “series” I’ve started anymore. I suppose this could be attributed to a slight style change? I mean, I have concepts. I have plenty of concepts. The issue is, the concepts themselves need development before I can consider them an “idea” for a blog. Wait. I’m pretty sure it would be ideas then concepts. Just switch those two around I guess.

Blogs are an interesting challenge. Since there’s no real limits to what one can consider a blog, they become exponentially harder to write. When faced with the horizon of infinity, a person becomes only capable of standing and staring. Blogs are my current horizon. I want to create something that matches the scope of what blogs are capable of. But, if I ever manage to do this, would anyone even read it to completion? A blog at it’s fullest potential would be the worlds longest piece of literature. Perhaps the ideal blog is a blog that can piece together everything. A blog that can connect the finite before to the infinite after. The secret of blogs is hidden in absolute knowledge. If someone was capable of knowing everything, then, and only then, could a perfect blog be realized. 

Well, I don’t want to have an existential crisis over the incomprehensible potential of blogs, so I think I’ll make this the last paragraph. I’d say this qualifies as another “break” blog since I’ve run out of ideas. I’ll probably spend a good chunk of time brainstorming and figuring out a good idea. Well, I have one idea that I might start on eventually, but it’s gonna be a while before I get there. Alright, go read something else now, or write something. This blog does not continue past this paragraph. So, seriously, leave me be so I can figure out what to do for the next blog.

Author: Matthew McLain

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