Need a new netflix show to binge watch?

I bet you have never heard of the Peaky Blinders. Well, me neither until I watched this show on Netflix and absolutely fell in love. Now, I’ll start by saying that this show is about crime and mobsters. If this doesn’t interest you, you might want to keep scrolling.

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Before jumping into the show and all its glory, I would like to start by saying that the show is based off of real events. If you actually enjoy little history tidbits, this show is for you. The show follows the urban street gang, the Peaky Blinders. In real life, this was a street gang stationed in Birmingham, England. The gang was active during the end of the 19th century and after World War I. The gang grew in popularity by their involvement in local robbery, racketeering, violence, illegal bookmaking, and the control of gambling. Though the family in the show is fictional, the actions of the family and time period are very accurate.

*The name of the gang, Peaky Blinders, is based off of their signature move of sewing razor blades into their hats and well…you get the rest.*

The show currently has 5 seasons (hopefully many more) and features famous actors like:

Cillian Murphy

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Tom Hardy

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If you have seen ANY movie with these two men in it, you know how good it was.

I won’t give too much away because I want you to experience the show for yourself. The show follows the everyday lives of the Shelby family and the rise…and fall…of the Peaky Blinders. The show is quite vulgar, but if that doesn’t bother you, this show will have you on the edge of your seat!

I found this show while going through my “In love with the mafia” phase of my life. The entire aesthetic of the show just screams “mafia” and I was extremely captivated by the it. The acting of the show is top tier. Not a moment was skipped over. The show is also quite dramatic. There are a lot of cool scenes that are flashbacks, nightmares, and dreams. The entire cinematography of it all is honestly so beautiful. I’m really interested in seeing where they film the show and who chose the outfits and hairstyles and  just EVERYTHING!

Can you tell this is my favorite show yet?

The soundtrack for this show…let’s just take a minute of silence.


It features music that you could envision a bunch of mobsters listening to.

I think the soundtrack is one of my favorite aspects of the show besides the acting. The acting is so realistic and natural that for a period of time I thought Cillian Murphy could have somewhat been apart of a mob once.

The overall show is 10/10 and I would highly recommend watching this show. Spring Break is right around the corner and I just know y’all need something to watch on Netflix! No worries…I’ve come to save you! *inserts wink emoji*

I hope you enjoy the show! Let’s chat if you do decide to watch it OR if you’ve already seen it. I need to distress my mind from the last season that just came out!

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  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I just caught up with B99 and was looking for something else to watch! I’ll be sure to check this out!

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