redheads do it better

As a redhead, I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair my entire life. I’ve heard some of the meanest insults and I’ve been asked the most ridiculous questions. I used to struggle with my hair because it is not the traditional carrot orange that is most often associated with being a redhead. My hair is a darker red, which is called auburn. My hair’s texture has changed drastically over the course of my life so far. When I was a baby, it was silky smooth with perfect ringlets. Then I cut my own hair. Then, it was straight for a while. Then I cut most of it off again. And now, my hair is in an awkward stage between wavy and curly. Some parts are super curly while others are either loose waves or board straight.

See? Not the traditional red.
I don’t really fit in with my redhead friend, Kaleb, because he has the stereotypical red hair. He’s still accepts me as his Ginger friend, though.

When I would get mad at something, all of my friends would call me “Ginger Snap”. *cue the eye roll*

Redheads seem to be the butt of jokes. Redhead children are often associated with being ugly (sorry, we don’t sugarcoat things over here) and I think it honestly depends on the redhead. Some of us aren’t too bad.

And if you have never heard “I’d rather be dead than red on the head” then you are lucky. I’ve heard it sooooo many times in the course of my school life. I went through stages of hating my hair so much that I dyed it an actual red. I would show you guys but honestly, I’m too embarrassed. It didn’t look bad or anything; I just love my hair now and it frustrates me to think that I didn’t love it before.

Here you can see a wild redhead in her natural habitat.








Okay, I’m done talking about my childhood trauma. Let’s answer some commonly asked questions about redheads!

Do you have a soul?”

First of all… mind your business.

(Jk, I do have a soul. It’s borrowed, but it’s there  :mrgreen: )

“You’re so pale. Why don’t you just get a tan?”

Why didn’t I think about that? Oh wait! I did. We can’t tan. According to, every human’s skin is made up of different level of Pheomelanin and Eumelanin. Eumelanin is a brown/ black pigment, which Pheomelanin is a pink/ red one. Redheads have a very high amount of Pheomelanin and a very low amount of Eumelanin. The pheomelanin pinkish color also helps explain why we have red hair. This lack of Eumelanin is responsible for pale skin, as well as lighter eye colors, such as blue, green or grey. In place of tanning comes an inability to protect itself naturally against UV exposure, so redheads tend to burn more quickly and frequently if not wearing sun protection.

“Is that your natural hair color?”

Nah. My mom and I have dyed it since I was born. Yes, it’s natural.

“I’ve heard redheads have a high pain tolerance. Is that true?”

Scientifically, yes. Personally, absolutely not.

“Do both of your parents have red hair?”

Actually, no. Only my mom does. My dad is almost the literal opposite of me, which is surprising since the red hair gene is recessive. I think they both have the gene but my dad’s dominant gene was his German heritage. He has dark skin and dark hair. My brothers are both the same way. We don’t exactly look like we belong together when we’re out in public.

“Is it true that redheads have anger issues?”

I don’t know if it applies to all redheads but I know that I have a very low level of patience and small things can cause me to become very agitated. It might just be my personality. It’s hard pretending to be nice all the time.

“Don’t most redheads have brown or green eyes?”

Yes! But my little combination is very rare. Having red hair and blue eyes is extremely uncommon. Only 1-2% of all redheads have it. I kind of wish I had brown eyes, though. They’ve always been the prettiest eye color to me. They’re also the most underrated.

“Brianna, how are you just so awesome?”

Awwweee! Thanks for asking! It’s most definitely the hair.


If you don’t have a redhead friend, I totally DON’T SUGGEST GETTING ONE. WE’RE EVIL AND VILE. The end 🙂


Author: Brianna Cox

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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  1. I enjoyed this post, hah. As a fellow redhead, I could relate to a lot of these. I have always been asked if I have a soul, especially. After awhile it becomes old news, like, “I do, in fact, lack a soul because of my hair color; thank you for noticing.” I hope people gain some more understanding from this. Also, to comment on the writing itself, I appreciate how you expressed your topic. It carried your voice and was enjoyable to read. I also like that you even included some factual support as well; even I learned something. But to summarize, I too am a redhead with blue eyes and pale skin (and no soul), so I feel your pain.

  2. this was really interesting to read, I never knew how much you could get teased by the color of your hair. I love your hair though, and i’m glad you’ve come to love it too! I used to actually always want red hair when I was growing up so that’s really why the title caught my eye. I’ve defiantly heard a lot of these stereotypes and strange assumptions and I’m glad I got to hear the response from someone they’re directed to. I think red hair is underestimated for sure 🙂

  3. LOVE that you decided to do this! Really fun & cute & WELL WRITTEN! Love my red-head best friend <3

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