valentine’s day exists just to steal your money

I’ve never really liked valentines day. In fact, I believe that valentines day is just a set up for people to spend their money to try and prove their love to their significant other or whatever. But, why can’t you just show that everyday? Why do you have to flash your money around or compete with your friends to see how much more you can buy than them? It’s just a run for your money. Commercial crap. Plus, I don’t like chocolate too much, and cheesy valentine’s day cards just seriously make my stomach hurt. I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie Downer but really? The overall concept of love at this point has been twisted and ringed up over and over again and the hype that people feel over this thing – I don’t get it. To me, love is being able to show you care through simple, small things on a daily. If I were to love someone in that way, I’d always pay attention to the small things that make them happy and always continue to different little small things. The reward in it isn’t some big teddy bear or a huge box of chocolates or even a 15 karat ring that I’d probably never wear – it’s the small smile that crosses their face when they notice it. I want to be able to tell their moods through the smallest things to make sure I’m able to be there for them without them even mentioning anything to me. That’s what love is and I’d like to receive the same back. I don’t even care about the constant ‘I love you’s’ that may come from a person’s mouth. It was drilled in my head that actions speak louder than words and that’s how I would like my relationship to be. So, yeah. I really don’t like valentine’s day. If you love and care about me, show me through the small things everyday. Don’t wait until valentine’s day to flash your love. Love me now. <3 

Author: Imani Skipwith

I would love to insert something long-winded and fancy but life's too short for that.

3 thoughts on “valentine’s day exists just to steal your money”

  1. I can only halfway agree with you. Sure, Valentine’s Day is a scam in a sense, some business-funded parade of cheap candy and flowery hallmark cards, but I just don’t see how handmade signs of affection would make you queasy (like Valentine cards). After all, how is Valentine’s day any more of a scam than Halloween, or further, Christmas (in terms of giving gifts). Of course it’s a scam, but to me, it’s still cool that we have a love holiday, you know? Maybe it’s a day for people to realize that they should be as loving as they are on Valentine’s everyday, like a wake up call or something.

  2. Valentine’s Day is for sure a holiday for getting money, but same could be said for a lot of other holidays. I personally enjoy it, because I’m a sucker for the pink,red,white,and purple everywhere. And the HEARTS? Come on Valentine’s Day is just screaming my name. Also, I think it’s super fun to get cards here at MSA since they’re so artsy. Very cute, much love.

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