My New Car

Hey guys, I’m back for September’s bloggg!  


This blog is about MY NEWWW CARRRRRRRRRRR. Okay you got me, I haven’t got it yet, but I will, I just haven’t found THE 1 yet. Sooo my family has been and will always be into cars. My stepfather is a fantastic mechanic. I grew up around racing, going to the track, trading, buying, and fixing up cars with him so I’ve always taken a great liking to it.  

I have had about 5 cars in my life, a Hyundai genesis, an Infiniti qx60, a Honda sport coupe, a Chevrolet Malibu, and a Honda Sport which is what I have now. None of these were bought specifically for me but when my mom, dad, sister, or stepdad got a new car I always ended up with what was left. That’s NOT a complaint AT ALL those are terrific cars, and they had no issues whatsoever, but they weren’t bought FOR ME. 

That made it feel like they never completely belonged to me. I have ALWAYS wanted a sports car because when I was growing up that’s all I saw my family driving. The cars above were just daily drivers. I have dreamed of owning a mustang since I could speak, I think. Me, and all 3 of my parents agreed that I could get a sports car when I turned 18, because of my “recklessness.” I’m not reckless at all, I have never had an accident, I don’t pick up my phone while driving or anything else typically dangerous, but they’re concerned about my speed range. I like driving fast, I always have. I’ve been driving since I was 13 or 14 so all the cars, I grew up driving were sports cars with V8 engines, exhaust systems, mufflers, super or turbochargers, had cold air intakes, dark tint, they were lowered, etc,etc. That set my standard for what I wanted to drive. I was driving manual cars by my 15th brithday and the snap crackles, and pops, I heard coming out of the pipes only fueled my desire to have my own someday. I’m a great driver, and I’m very experienced but my mother doesn’t trust my experience, therefore she wants me to keep driving cars she’s bought so that she can have some form of boundary for me, but that’s not what I want.  

I want to be free; I want to own a sports car and I will by June 2024. I’ve been saving money for a couple of years now, not necessarily for a sports car but for a car in general. I have the support of my parents now that my birthday is quickly arriving and they’re going to help me find exactly what I want. I’m so excited for what I’m getting. My ultimate dream is the 2022 OR 2023 Chevrolet Camaro ZLE 1LE either black (exterior) on black (interior), white (exterior) on black (interior), or black (exterior) on red (exterior). The price of the car is not an issue, but I did set a limit for myself just so that I don’t go overboard, and I have a healthy down payment prepared. I really have the perfect team, A mechanic (stepdad), a financial advisor (dad), and a facilitator (mom). It sounds so professional that it’s kind of funny. Hehe 😊 Okay now more about the actual car. The car is new, so it won’t have but about 10-12k miles at the most, and it has top-tier technology, so you get performance with luxury. It has alloy, wheels, cloth seats, Wi-Fi hotspot, cruise control, a rear-view camera, remote start, push to start, ABS brakes, daytime running lights, heating and cooling seats, traction control, and a 4-cylinder v8 4L engine. I’ll most likely get an automatic car for long distance driving purposes, but they come with 10-speed manual paddle shifters on the wheel just in case I want to show out a little bit more. I know people buy sports cars for them to be eye candy and mine will look great, but I want it for the performance! 

Okay now for my favorite part, UPGRADES! First off, I’m probably going to supercharge (gives 50-100 more hp) or turbocharge (gives 70-150 more hp) the engine for more horsepower. I’ll tint it dark on the sides but lighter on the front and back windshield. I want side skirts, a valance, I want it lowered, I want a cool air intake, an oil catch can, an exhaust system, and a wing, but they usually come stock with a wing, valance, and side skirts. It just depends on what it comes stocked with and that’s how I’ll decide what to upgrade. I’ll also try to buy one with rims I like but I’m picky so I may just end up buying those too. 

Anyways thanks for reading my blog, see you next month! 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes I'm a Senior Literary Student at MSA with a passion for writing much stronger than a hobby. After high school I plan to attend Columbia University to major in Creative Writing (screenwriting specifically) and minor in Psychology. I love what I do and I hope to make a career out of it someday.

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  1. I personally think 2023 is one of the best years for the camaro, and I love the upgrades you want to put into it(this is coming from someone who loves late 60s sports cars)

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