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So, lately I’ve been needing some inspiration for a project whether that just be pencil and paper, watercolor, paint on a canvas, or a digital drawing. So, of course, I go straight to Pinterest and I revisited some artwork by some artists that I absolutely love. They each have very different styles and each one is unique. From what I’ve seen, what they each have in common is that their artwork is mostly character design. I say Pinterest artists even though I know their artwork can be found elsewhere; this is just where I found them. So, for this blog, I thought I’d share some of my favorite artists that I found on Pinterest and their artwork. I hope you enjoy:) 

(Btw: fair warning, I don’t know much about each artist as a person and their growth as an artist. I’m just going based on observations of their pieces. Maybe later on, I’ll do more research on them)

1. Margaret Morales

Margaret Morales — Bio

I have grown very fond of her unique character drawings. Every one of her pieces I’ve seen, they’ve been fantasy characters and she uses a wide range of color palettes and not just either light or dark or bright. Each one of her pieces, in my opinion, is beautifully unique. If I’m not mistaken, her main medium of choice is watercolor, which I love because of the amount of detail in each of her pieces.

Margaret Morales – Tintoretto – Official WebsiteMargaret Morales — Ink illustrationsTwinkle, an art canvas by Margaret Morales - INPRNTMargaret Morales – Tintoretto – Official WebsiteMargaret MoralesMargaret Morales — Gallery work and auctionsVibrant watercolours - PressReaderMargaret Morales (@margaretmoralesart) • Instagram photos and videos


2. Gretal Lusky

Gretel Lusky – Audio Books, Best Sellers, Author Bio |

I love their style and various different character drawings and they also do fanart. I have a lot of their drawing saved. From what I understand, they use a wide range of mediums like marker, watercolor, and digital. I like that their style is fun, cool, and mystical all at the same time. I have seen their drawing of Disney princesses, DC characters, Marvel characters, Winx Club characters, and more. They really make them look like their own characters, and I love it.

Art of Gretel LuskyArt of Gretel LuskyWonder Woman, in Ron Pittman's Gretel Lusky Comic Art Gallery RoomPin on Art InspoArt of Gretel LuskyArt of Gretel LuskyGretel Lusky on X: "New art ☄️" / XArt of Gretel Lusky


3. Angel Ganev

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I have been a fan of their art for a few years now, and I even attempted to redraw some of their pieces in my style(they definitely didn’t do the originals justice). Their pieces consist of mainly character drawing and I believe they’ve done portraits of some of their followers or something like that. Their range of mediums mainly goes from pen and pencil drawings and digital drawings.

Painting Artwork Color Demon By Angel Ganev 3angel ganevArtStation - S k e t c h e s 🌿 + Tutorial, Angel Ganev | Drawing people,  Cool art drawings, Art drawings sketchesLinxspiration — Angel Ganev Creates Illustrations With Incredible...Angel Ganev (angelganev) - Profile | PinterestThis contains an image of: I n n o n c e, by Angel Ganev

Of course, these are not the only artists that I particularly love, but I thought that for this post, these would be great to start the list. I may do another blog later about other artists, but I’m not sure. If any of you can think of other artists that you love, I’d love to hear them. They may end up being a new favorite or favorites. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I will see you guys next time. Much love<3

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