The Repeating Idiosyncrasies of my everyday morning. 


My day is somewhat, very repeatable. It’s almost a relief that I can expect something to be the 

same. Because in most cases the only constant is change. But there are a few things that I would like to share. Things that tend to repeat themselves in my everyday mornings. 

For starters, I’m sure mostly everyone wakes up at the same time every morning. That’s a given. But every morning, I always wake up  and meet my neighboring Suitemate in the bathroom. And we always brush our teeth at the same time. Which is around 7:05. After that I get dressed. Then go through my usual morning routine. 


I’ll go downstairs and sign in, then I’ll walk to this bench, where I sit every morning. Right outside the entrance to the JI. There are two benches there. I sit on the far left one. On the very left side. Every time. And while I sit in the same spot, at the same time, every morning. I notice small things, repeating idiosyncrasies of the world. Every morning, the same elderly lady, with pepper colored hair crosses the crosswalk. At around 7:30 or later. However, She doesn’t always go in the same direction. Some mornings cross from the right side of the street to the left. And other mornings she crosses from the right to the left. I’ve always wondered what she does. And I forgot to mention that she always walks with both her arms behind her back. One holding onto the other. 


The 207 School Bus This morning.

The next repeating variable in my morning is the 207 bus that comes to the stop sign every morning. It comes every time from 7:38-7:42. (That’s the earliest and latest I’ve seen.)

I can never tell if it has the same bus driver though. And it never has any kids on it. I assume it’s just dropped them off. Or has yet to pick them up. But seeing as it’s already near 7:40, I don’t see how it could pick anyone up and then drop them off before 8. So, I’ll assume that it’s just dropped them off.
(You can’t tell very easily from this photo, but that white piece of paper says 207.)

The next repeating part of my day is after the first block. During that short break between block 1 and block 2. I read in the same spot every day. Well, I used to read by the stairs. I’d sit in one of the chairs in front of the dance area. And I’d read whatever book I was reading at the time. But a week or so ago, the chairs disappeared. So instead I sit in front of the Writing lab room. 


There’s something relieving about some things staying the same. I know that things will change.
I know all about change. I don’t think I stayed in the same state for longer than a year while my dad was in the military. Now he’s retired, and we live in Mississippi for good. But while my dad was in the military, we moved around a total of ten times. From Mississippi to New York. I made a lot of friends throughout those years. But I only ever met two friends I’m still in contact with today. 


Not to say that I didn’t like moving. I loved visiting new states, and the car rides, and the people, and the culture. But I’m finally glad we can stay in the same house for longer than a year now.

Author: William Hillman

I like Movies, art, and poetry. One poet that really inspires me is Treve Cemenski. Look him up on instagram if you get the chance. @of_a_hound And for random reasons here are my favorite actors in my favorite movies Robin Williams and Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting”. Tom Hanks in “Castaway” Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in “Prisoners” And finally, Michal. J Fox in “Back To The Future”.

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  1. I really, really enjoyed this piece. The blog surrounds a tone/feeling that I have become more and more familiar with. And I think you cultivated that feeling well throughout this work.

  2. The way you describe repetitiveness is so peaceful, and its really interesting to see how the same place (The benches) can have so many different experiences. I used to ride 207 as well! It comes really early, so there was a lot of times where I missed it, but the bus driver of 206 always took me to where I needed to go. They were really super kind, so I felt bad. My family used to move a lot as well- not as much as you- but I can’t remember it.

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