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 Welcome back to regularly scheduled blogging now that the lore is complete. I wanted to talk about 1 game I have been playing recently. The game is called Stray. I’m just going to give some info about the game, the plot, and my own opinion. Also, do not worry about spoilers. I kept those out in case anyone reading would like to play. AHEM! A slightly important notice: I got all screenshots from Steam in amazing quality, BUT the blog website heavily lowered their quality so they may seem pretty blurry. Sorry lol. 


In the game Stray you play as an orange cat. How cute is that. At the end of the basic tutorial you get separated from your family (3 other cats). Once separated you end up in a dystopian, forgotten cyber city. As this cat you have to complete missions to unlock the ancient mysteries of the city to find your way back home. You roam and climb high and low through the murky environments. You befriend droids and run from dangerous creatures at times. The game has 12 chapters for you to complete.

Stats, facts, reviews

Stray came out July 19 of last year. It was developed by Blue Twelve Studio and comes from the franchise Annapurna Interactive. The game is available for PlayStation 4 and 5 owners as well as Windows for the PC. I personally use PC, but the game creators actually recommend it to be played on a controller. If you’re used to a PC though I play perfectly fine on my keyboard and mouse. I purchased Stray through Steam for about $30 without a bundle. The price is the same for PlayStation consoles. It is an indie adventure game supported by 16 languages. It is single player as well. Now, the reviews. I got all the information you’re reading from Steam besides my personal opinions. In the all reviews category it has 103,148 that are categorized as overwhelmingly positive. 97% of these 103,148 reviews were good ones. I took a look into the bad review category to see which ones were important and differentiate how many of these were just people owning sucky consoles. One review seemed important and stood out the most to me. It discussed how the game gives no warning of “body horror.” Now, this review is picky on what you consider body horror because I don’t see that in Stray. The point the review was trying to make is that the people in the game are human like machines and in one scene the walls blink at you. In my own personal words body horror is more of gore factor torture and that is not displayed in this game. I thought I would still mention it since the game slightly had body modification. Secondly, I saw a lot of reviews saying it wasn’t worth $30. I could slightly agree. I’d say if you want the game wait for it to be on sale. You get maybe 8-10 hours of gameplay that, to some people, can be repetitive. I personally don’t find it repetitive, but a lot of reviews did.

My opinion

Now, for my personally outlook at this game. I absolutely love this game. I find it very adorable that we get to play in 3rd person as a little orange cat. The gameplay to me is very relaxing. You do different types of parkour with the cat to navigate the cyber city. Which also means he rides down zip lines in a little bucket sometimes! So cute. I do have to agree with one of the reviews though. It isn’t a lot of gameplay especially if you are an avid gamer. I played it for about one hour a couple days ago and I had already gotten to chapter 6 out of 12 and was already preparing the cats escape back home. When that part came up I paused for a second and thought about how fast that came up. BUT I do think it was still worth the $30. The game is excellent quality if you have the PC stats to run it on a PC. Very clear and beautiful images and smooth movement. You also get a very interesting plot with different gameplay types. By that I mean you don’t just run around, jump on things, and complete missions. It comes with different types of parkour, puzzles, talking to the droids, unlocking equipment, finding collectables, running from enemies, and even playful interactions as a cat. When your in one of the apartments in this city you have several cute options around the house that cats typically do. You can scratch their furniture and walls, turn on/off/change their radios, make biscuits on the carpet, and knock things over. Even outside of the apartments you can find other cute interactions such as those. Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. It was so cute and very enjoyable.

Author: Ava Lambert

hi hi hi. im avaaa. i love writing poetry and short stories. i love horror, psychological, fantasy, or slice of life stories. my poems have a slightly different dynamic involving mental health and feminism. thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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  1. i finished stray within two days and i’m so sad i didn’t take my time with it; it’s such a beautiful game. the other day i was on campus and i saw three cats all walking together (like a family), and they were the same as the ones in the game 🙂 one orange, one calico, and one black.

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