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hello hello hi hi hi how are you guys i am doing good yes yes yes. okay, so, genuinely have been running out of ideas lately. i haven’t done a lot of non-list themed blogs… and i’m not going to start now. we’re doing another list blog !!! (woo) and this time i am going to be talking about some of my dream guitars. as of now, i currently have four guitars: two electric and two acoustic. as much as i love them, there is only one that i would consider to be a “dream guitar”, and it’s broken</3. so, with that being said, here are the guitars that i do in fact consider to be my dream guitars.

the kurt cobain jag-stang

oh how i would love my own bright red kurt cobain jag-stang. i am absolutely partial to fender guitars, and both of my electrics are made by fender. i’m also extremely partial to telecasters, but there is something about the jag-stang that has me in a chokehold. maybe it’s the bright red color, i don’t know- but i find myself thinking about this guitar all the time. seeing it in person has been a truly euphoric experience for me, as its beauty cannot be defined just by photos. also, the most important part: it sounds kickass. 

the jimmy page mirror telecaster

now, i’m not a huge zeppelin fan, but i cannot deny how rad this guitar is. there’s something so,,, psychedelic about it to me. and if you know me, you know i absolutely love everything psychedelic (hehe). i haven’t heard a lot of demos from this guitar, but just from the price and the fact that it’s fender, i have no doubts in my mind that is plays beautifully. i would absolutely kill for this guitar, and i’d definitely want to see it being played in a dimly lit setting with different colored lights: that would be awesome.

1966 rickenbacker

now this one is a love purely based on looks, or, maybe the fact that george harrison played a rickenbacker. i first found this guitar on a beatles cover video, and i instantly fell in love and spent the rest of the day looking at the different models and specs of the guitar. i have heard a couple demos, and while i do think i enjoy the sound, i enjoy the design of it much more. however, from my understanding, these guitars are exceptionally hard to get in good condition nowadays. so, that dream might be over</3.

so, those are my top three dream guitars !! i probably have more that i really like, but these are the first ones that came to my mind and also the ones i’d think would be hardest to get. (availability, money, orientation, etc.) thanks for reading and i hope you guys have a good spring break !!!


Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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  1. As a guitar feen myself I absolutely love fenders.. I own one and hope to get more in the future. I don’t know too much about the stangs but they’re pretty. Telecasters are beautiful as well. My euphoric experience was seeing Kurt Cobain’s guitar in the grammy museum last year, that was really special to me. I also love stratocasters just because of Jimi Hendrix. Good blog!

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