current rotation #3

hello. it has been a while since i’ve done one of these, so i’d like to refresh everyone with a new edition to the series. i am slightly running out of ideas, so i’ll be using this post as an easy way to get back on track. anyways, here are the songs currently in my rotation !!

thy mission – the garden

the attitude that the garden present in their music is absolutely addicting. i had this song liked for a while, but i never really listened to it as much as i have recently. i love the lyrics, and i especially love the way they are sung. this song reminds me of the ideal group of friends i imagined i’d have by now. it overall reminds me of being a teenager, and more specifically, being a dumb teenager.

call the dogs out – the garden

another one from the garden. i liked the attitude in the last song, but in this song, i 100% love it. there are some days when i’m just annoyed by everyone and everything, and this song is the perfect additive for those days. whenever i get in those moods, it’s best to just amplify them and allow myself to be annoyed for a day. i don’t know why, but being annoyed is so much more enjoyable when this song is playing.

alone again (naturally) – guilbert o’sullivan

even just hearing the chord progression in the beginning of this song makes me teary-eyed. it didn’t use to affect me much, but after the bad spell of emotions i’ve been having recently, the song absolutely breaks me. i found it because someone said it sounded like what the beatles would of sounded like if they were still together in the 70s (to whoever said that: you weren’t kidding). the lyrics are so desperately sad, but the way it’s sung almost passes the emotions over as any ordinary event. i guess that’s where the title comes in. alone again, naturally. 

the only living boy in new york – simon and garkfunkel

i love simon and garfunkel. this song is so homey to me, and i genuinely love it so much. it’s so light and almost melancholic. however, i don’t think the lyrics reflect those two descriptions in the slightest. or maybe they do. this is definitely my favorite song by them, and i love listening to it during rainy car rides on the interstate- much like the ending scene of good will hunting with elliott smith’s miss misery playing.

swamp – the talking heads

i’ve also had this song liked for a while, but i never listened to it much until i decided to clean my entire room at home while listening to the talking heads on shuffle. this song came on, and something about it drew me in. it doesn’t sound like a talking heads song i would even like, but i do- increasingly so with every listen. i think it’s the chorus. the melodies in the chorus are so addicting, and leave it up to the talking heads to create some of the most catchy rhythms and melodies. 

my sweet lord – george harrison

before you say anything, this song is not about any religion in particular. however, at the end george does sing the hare krishna mantra of the hindu organization he follows, which i think is really cool. i absolutely adore george harrison, and i don’t care that this song is his most popular, it’s 100% my favorite. for some reason, it reminds me of looking out of the window of my moms car at the passing forest scenery. the guitar riff is instantly recognizable, and even the mantra at the end of the song becomes this sort of catchy riff. 

so yeah !! that’s some of the songs that i’ve really been into recently. thanks for reading !

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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  1. These are some new songs from artists I haven’t heard you talk about much so it’s nice to see your music expanding.

  2. This is a very interesting list of songs; i’m not familiar with all of them but there are a couple that I know.

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