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Okay, so prommmmmmm season is HEREEEE! I’m so very excited! I love dressing up, taking pictures, and being cute. Today is Tuesday March 21st and prom is on Saturday March 25th. There is so much time but no time at all. Oh my gosh, I have so much to do. I have to customize my suitemate and I’s wigs. I have to do my friend’s hair Thursday as well as get my nails and toes done. I haven’t even decided what nail design I’m getting yet. I have to do my suitemate and I’s hair Friday. I have to do another one of my classmate’s hair on Saturday.  

I still need to go find silver glitter eyeshadow and a new concealer for my makeup look, because I’m running out. I also need some black hair dye. (For my wig, I’ll never go black.) I need to get my nails done Thursday. My dress is black, and the top is a little sparkly. It has a see through corset in the middle with the back out and it’s lace up. It’s very long with a high thigh slit, and I have some platform black heels to go with it. 

I have some silver jewelry and this cute little hair clip that’s going in my updo. My wig is black, and I’m going to have an updo with curls in the front. I still don’t know exactly what my makeup is going to look like, but I do know what colors I’m using and what shape the shadow will be. Ohhhh I also have some sparkly little gems that are going on my eyes and it’s going to be so CUTE! You guys do not understand how excited I am. I only want to take pictures and dance. Everything else is just a plus. I am obsessed with my look and how it’s coming together. I can’t wait to put everything on at once.  

I’m a part of prom committee so I know how prom is going to look, since I’m helping to decorate. It’s coming along pretty well, and we have lots of help so everything should be done in time, no problem. I’m head of the cleaning committee, so after prom I have to help clean up everything before I go home, which is insane. There are no after parties or anything going on so that’s kind of weird. I’m used to over the top proms. Like met gala like proms, where people spend thousands of dollars preparing for prom and have parties before and after. They rent or buy cars for the line-up and all meet and take pictures before going to prom. This is a really different experience for me, because it’s kind of treated as any other day and people come as they are. It’s more comfortable to prepare for but not as exotic as I’m used to. I want to show you what I’m wearing, but that will probably be in next week’s blog after prom is over, and I’ll give all the details of where I got everything and how much it cost. That’s neither here nor there MSA prom 2023 HERE I COME! You guys should look out for me… 🙂  


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