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hello !! here’s come cool news: i’m going to be writing for a music magazine soon !! my dream is to be a music journalist so getting to this point at such a young age is honestly so exciting:) it’s just going to be a little side thing, unpaid of course, but i thought you all should know !! anyways, i was shuffling my spotify when i realized that i listen to a lot of artists that focus on an acoustic atmosphere. i love acoustic music, but i never realized how much of it has recently taken over my liked songs until now. so i thought i’d be awesome and cool and tell you some of my favorites and give you some song recommendations !! enjoy:)

elliott smith

so, i had to get him out of the way first. the majority of his discography is acoustic, so if you’re looking for consistency, here he is. not only is it mainly acoustics, it’s really good acoustics. his ability to write riffs and melodies on guitar is unmatched, and it all pairs perfectly well with his lyrics, which are almost acoustic themselves, if that makes any sense. if you’re looking for really soft, almost simon and garfunkel-like vocals, and beautiful well-mixed melodies, then elliott is the artist for you !! songs i would recommend for first getting into him are: angeles, tomorrow tomorrow, junk bond trader, needle in the hay, no name #3, twilight and georgia, georgia !! that’s a song from each album !!

simon and garfunkel

so, speaking of “simon and garfunkel-like vocals,” here’s simon and garfunkel !! now, i’ve never been a super big fan, but recently i’ve been listening to them a lot more. i wasn’t a fan at first, but their layered vocals and striking acoustics reeled me in and now i can say i am a fan. if you like story-like lyrics, doubled-up vocals, and acoustics that excite and sometimes even surprise, then simon & garfunkel is for you !! my two recommended songs for someone new to them are the boxer and america !!

bob dylan

the reason i am including bob dylan here is because i believe a large part of his discography is purely acoustic, so he gets a spot on the list. his acoustics are often characterized by strong, loud acoustic guitars and very, very loud harmonicas. of course, he still has his plugged moments. but bob’s acoustic work has inspired decades worth of musicians, so i feel wrong not to put him on the list. if you like story-based lyrics, questionable vocals, harmonicas and prominent acoustic guitars, then bob dylan is for you !! some songs i’d recommend if you’re new to him include: changing of the guards, if not for you, subterranean homesick blues, to be alone with you and boots of spanish leather !!

nick drake

nick drake was an artist that i avoided for a while, and for no real reason. i don’t know why i did, but i regret it immensely. nick drake’s story is so heartbreaking to me, and his music is just that- heartbreaking. but in a way, it’s heartbreakingly beautiful, especially when you realize his music was never really recognized until after his death. i feel such a connection with nick drake, and it’s not even because of his music. but besides that, drake’s acoustics are soft and melodic, and his voice mirrors that. if you like soft acoustics with great melodies, unconventional vocals, and beautiful heartbreaking lyrics, then nick drake is for you !! songs i’d recommend for people new to his music include: pink moon, place to be, road, and things behind the sun !!

so that’s it !! those are my favorite acoustic artists that i recommend if you’re interested !! they’re fairly popular so it should be easy to find their music online:) let me know if you listen to any of these artists and if you like them !! cya next week !

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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  1. I’m really proud to hear about you opportunity with the magazine. You have great musical taste so I’m sure you’ll do great. This was a very well- written blog.

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