some of my favorite radiohead songs ♫

yoyoyoyoyoyo !! so this blog isn’t planned, but i am listening to radiohead right now and it just felt like the right topic for this week’s post:) i love radiohead a lot, and i’ve been listening to them since i was a child, but this year i have listened to them more than any other year !! so here are some of my favorite tracks from the group of ones i’ve discovered recently !! 

jigsaw falling into place 

i can never decide if this is my favorite radiohead song or if it’s the daily mail. but regardless of the placement, i am absolutely crazy about this song. the instrumentals are perfectly lined up with each other and i don’t see this in any other song. maybe i’m just glorifying it because i love it, but who cares. it’s also a super fun song to play on gutiar !! also,,, thom’s voice<3 his voice sounds so different in this song and i’m totally for it. 

the daily mail 

this is the song i’ve accepted as being my favorite, as it is absolutely perfect. it has a beautiful buildup to the end of the song, which is nothing short of euphoric. i first heard it on ozark, as it was playing when i walked in on my parents watching the show. i had never heard this song before because it was released as a single, and it was one of their newer songs. (if 2016 is new). the piano in the intro is so sweet, but the ending is so rewarding. 


this one has recently become a favorite. it sounds like it is going to be incredibly slow and depressing, but for me its the opposite. its bittersweet. especially when the backing beat comes in at “my hunger burns”. for some reason this one just calms me, and it makes me smile. i think for most people, it’s the opposite. also, the strings. i am absolutely in love with the strings in this song. normally strings make me emotional, but the strings here make me fearful, terrified. yet, i’m still calmed. 

exit music (for a film)

this is a pretty popular one, but i still love it. though, i prefer the former half of the song to the later, despite the ending being a perfect way to tie the song together. i’ve been listening to this for years, and it still is so rewarding to hear it kick in at the end. i think i might know every single lyric and every single noise in this song, so much so that i could play it in my head entirely without actively listening to it. yeah. it’s cool.

so yeah, another short blog. was pretty fun. thanks for reading.

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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  1. I love that you write what you feel, and what you hear. That makes it all the more interesting to read your work.

  2. I how you described the different reasons for why you like these songs so much so it’s not like the reader is reading the same thing in each paragraph. great post:)

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