My Favorite Fitness Influencers At The Moment

My Favorite Fitness Influencers at The Moment 

Hi guys! Today’s blog is about my obsession with gym influencers and keep in mind I watch all of them on TikTok as well as Instagram. Kristine and Leana both have YouTube channels as well if you want to go check those out. 

     @Kristineqfit is my favorite female fitness influencer right now, maybe even my favorite female influencer in general. She’s literally at the top of her game. I support her, because she focuses on a lot of things, I’m focusing on which is essentially just getting stronger. She also focuses heavily on legs, mainly glutes and quads but she does do calves as well. She works out every part of her body, but she does have main focuses. She is also trying to grow her arms which is something I’m struggling with. It’s good to follow someone who gives tips and advice for the thing you’re trying to work on. I also look at her page a lot for motivation, and tutorials for new workouts. 

My next favorite is @Jeremiahtwharton, because he shows you the “impossible.” He’s come a very long way in a short amount of time, but his workouts and results are still very realistic. He also has a workout partner MarilinLopez29, and this is relevant, because she does the same exact workouts as him and her body looks amazing but totally different from his. She gives the female results of the workouts they do, which is very educational. 

My next favorite is @leanadeeb, because her body shape is the most similar to mine. It’s not exactly like mine, but she focuses on gaining weight like I do. I like her as well, because she’s gaining but still lean and has abs. Kristine has a flat stomach but no abs. There’s nothing wrong with not having abs when trying to gain, but that’s why I like them both. Even though it may seem like they do the same things they are so different. Kristine is trying to gain any muscle weight possible, while Leana is trying to gain and be lean still. I also really enjoy her curly hair content. It gives me ideas of how to keep my hair intact while working out, so I don’t sweat my curls out. She also promotes healthy eating, which is something I want to do more of. 


My last favorite fitness influencer is @brissaslifts, because she’s small and compact, but she’s an absolute powerhouse. She’s all muscle, no fat. Her arms are very strong, and her back is super defined and toned. Her legs are very strong as well, but especially her quads. She doesn’t focus on legs too much, because she’s genetically gifted in that area, so she focuses mostly on arms, chest, and back. Her body type isn’t at all similar to mine, but I still enjoy seeing her writing process. 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes Writing is much more than an art or a creative outlet for me. It's simply my life, if writing doesn't exist neither do I. I believe I was truly born at the most perfect unperfect time. Writing has matured so much and many more people respect it now as a career and there are schools that teach you how to creatively write. At the same time, most people in the world will judge you, because you don't do what they do and you don't follow the simple unhappy path that they've taken. Writing has made me comfortable in my own skin, it has taught me that there is no other in this universe like me. Writing has taught me to love myself and every thought that skips across my brain, because I am important. I am enough, I am me and that's all I have ever needed to be!

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