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* Quick note:  This was supposed to be my beginning of the year blog, but plans changed* 

Coming into the new year is a time when people usually start doing things that are different from the person, they were the previous year.   The difference can be new friends or any relationship encounters, there could be a different clothing choice, or just different opinions from what you originally had in your mind, whether it’s the best food, the worst restaurant, or a TV show that everyone loved, and you hated, can change into your favorite show and the show that everyone despises.  

The point is, there are going to be differences. 

So, today I’m going to discuss some of the people I know personally, Hot Takes, in which they were told they were just trying to be “different.”

* Note:  I got permission to tell their opinions with their explanation, but I will not be using their names.  Also remember, this is their OPINIONS, just what they think, because no one thinks the same. 

Let’s start with explaining what a Hot Take is.  A Hot Take is a piece of commentary, typically produced quickly in response to a recent event, whose primary purpose is to attract attention, states Google. 

Or in this day and age, what we call is an unpopular opinion that someone makes because they’re trying to be different, which I mean, everyone is different. 

I’m not ranking them or anything, I’m mainly just talking about them and explaining the reasoning I received.  

                                                          #Owl House 

This comment took place during a conversation about some shows that were making the Disney Channel go downhill.   Some of us listed things like “ Coop and Cami ask the world” or “Raven’s Home and Sydney to the Max” for examples.   We were just going back and forth with this random topic, even touching on some ones that we think had potential until they were canceled then we went to other channels like Cartoon Network shows that didn’t need to be made,  when out of the blue it stuck out like a sore thumb that someone said exactly, “Yea, I’m sorry but I hate Owl House, like it didn’t catch my attention.” (Also, this person knows Owl House isn’t part of CN) 

We could all hear the record stop mentally.   All of us were quiet until someone replied with, “I mean, I like Owl House, but I understand it really wasn’t for everybody.” 

Most people murmured in agreement until before the person gave us their reasoning speech. 

The reasoning: “I tried watching it but after that first episode I couldn’t get into it.   Maybe it just wasn’t my type of show but the plot from the little I saw didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. So, it’s not that I hate it, but I didn’t understand the concept.”   

Everyone was vaguely pleased with that answer, well kind of.  There was still that one person begging passive aggressively for a more detailed reasoning.  Saying, “I just need to know why.  It doesn’t make any sense,” but soon they remembered that everyone has opinions and not all are going to match. 


                #Influencer OverRated  

This one I’ve received recently and there’s no specific story behind it besides the fact that I asked for their biggest Hot Take.  Their statement overall was that “influencers are overrated and kind of boring.”    I asked for an example to further explain the statement, their words were “Most mommy Vlogs and others alike should be taken down and the parents should be charged for child endangerment.”  

I’m guessing part of the reason for that kind of Take deals with all of the drama with the mom Youtuber, Ruby Franke, who just got arrested.   I don’t keep up with the case but that’s a recent example of what’s wrong with influencers and why some of them should be taken down. 

Also, just my own input, I do know a lot of influencers that are starting to seem overrated, especially when you see all of the drama they’re being pulled into.  

              # The Superior Chicken 

A lot of the Hot Takes around here seem to deal with food or just restaurants basically, and which one is better.  For this one specifically, someone once told me that Popeye is superior to Chick-Fil-A.  They explained that Chick-Fil-A food is dry, and their waffles fries are nasty.  They stated that the only thing that they’ll get from Chick-Fil-A is their Mac and cheese, and that’s only on a bad day.  While Popeyes’s chicken is always juicy and fresh and their only downside is their biscuits (which they added, they don’t really have a problem with.)   They just believe that everyone hypes up Chick-Fil-A with their chicken nuggets and their macaroni and cheese because it would be trendy to eat it, but it’s not really just special.  

This was their take on which restaurant was actually better to them.  


Also, here’s some quick Hot Takes that I’ve heard:                                                                1) Breakfast is the least important meal of the day.                                                              2) Mint Ice-cream is the best ice-cream flavor.                                                                   3) Milk should always go before the cereal. 

Okay, see you soon 🙂 




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