Life Before MSA

So I’ve been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out what I was going to do for this post. And I came up with nothing. So I was just going to give a little insight into what my life was like before coming to MSA. 

So, I’m not sure if I’ve told many people here about this, but I used to be a Military brat. Which means me and my whole family would move from state to state nearly once a year.  I’ve been everywhere from Hawaii to Newyork, and some states to the left like Kansas or Wyoming. 

Which unfortunately means I wasn’t able to many lifelong friends, since we lost touch just as quickly as we met one another. So It’s mainly just been me and my two younger siblings.  

While moving around the United States, I’ve seen some pretty interesting things, like mount Rushmore, and “Ol’ Faithful” in Wyoming. We’ve been through the smokey mountains a few times. But My Favorite place we’ve lived in West Point, New York. 

West Point, NY

My Dad is often called to different military institutions. For instance, He worked at Camp Shelby here in MS before he retired, or Fort Leavenworth in KS.
But he was called to either teach or work at West Point for two years. 
And first of all, West Point’s buildings are amazing. I always say they look like a modern castle of sorts, and it’s even got a sort of moat. It’s almost entirely surrounded by the Hudson River.  I took a few photos of it which I’ll leave at the end. 

On West Point, for the first year, I think it was right before Covid-19, it was my entire family. Me and my siblings were enrolled in homeschool, and that was fun. But the second year, my mom and siblings moved to MS to take care of my grandfather. And My dad was constantly posted across seas, So, if possible, I wanted to stay with him so he wouldn’t feel alone.  

Anyways, My Dad and I had some fun traditions that we made while we were up there. Every Friday night we would always order “Bear Mountain Pizza” and watch “The Mandalorian”.  And since my Mom was in MS, my dad had to learn how to cook, so he ordered one of those… Box of food things that come prepped, and you just have to cook it. 

All in all, I’m glad I grew up running around the United states, I’ve gotten to see a lot of what some people might not see in their lifetime.  And now were here in MS again, for good since my Dad retired.  

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  1. It sucks that you had to move around so much, but its also SO SO SO cool to have been so many places! There are so many places I want to have experiences in! Imagine all the settings you could write! All of the questions I could ask ADGHAGHjdfhj. The pictures are really neat as well!

  2. I am a cousin to a military brat, I always thought getting to see that many parts of the U.S/World could be so cool, but with the way it feels to just move houses has made me rethink that lol.

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