Ranking Thomas Jasper Cat’s outfits with unnecessary sincerity.

Yes this is about Tom from Tom and Jerry, no there’s no valid reason for me writing this but I fear I won’t be able to stop thinking about it till the crime has been committed.  This list is best to worse. 


This one is definitely last on the list, I’m not feeling the bald head and wife beater, It’s very tired father chic. And compared to the other outfits we have seen from him this is definitely pretty disappointing.

 He’s definitely very cute in this one, I love a modest beach fit, but the solid red is kind of bland. I would have loved to see a brighter color. Also the long pant leg seems unreasonable as he already has fur and I’d imagine he’d want to keep cool at the beach. Overall cute fit but definitely would love some shorts and some cute design, possibly white flowers maybe some polka-dots.

 Tom is for sure serving here, I mean look at the little hat and the collar, I’M GAGGED. My only critique is I wish we did a bit more with it. It’s just a shall, if we added some fancy gloves maybe fingerless could be a vibe. Besides that this is definitely one of his best looks. 

 Now personally orange and green aren’t my favorite color combo, but he just looks so stinking cute here, and the HAT. UGH, I also feel the need to give this look its flowers cause my boy made it out of A CURTAIN. No one’s out here doing it like him. Side note: his little hands omg.

He ate this down. The boots, the gloves, the hat….THE VEST. He has his foot propped up like that because he’s a professional at stepping on these other felines’ necks. Garfield COULD NEVER. AND the “Howdy” smoke cloud that he blew HIMSELF come on now. HE’S HIM.

 Now I do have my feelings about this fit, he’s giving prim, he’s giving proper. I do wish we had some nice slacks to go with it but with the cape and the tie. Not to mention the bow, come one and he’s conducting an orchestra. Like his talent is limitless.

 I may not agree with his bloodlust for Jerry but I understand that he was just doing his job. I mean Jerry was actively making his life harder, but you also can’t be mad at Jerry because he was just trying to survive. 



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