I don’t know what this is but enjoy.

So, while looking though my google docs for something to use for this week’s blogs and I thought this might make so of y’all laugh or something I don’t know. Have fun reading this, I guess.

In the future I want to be a writer. When it comes to writing you experience things on a deeper level. With S.T.E.A.M., I was able to learn beyond the mere transfer of pencil to paper.  I was engaged with critical thinking problem solving, and also tapped into my creative side of writing.  I learned how to evolve the many characters throughout the stories.  

I really enjoyed the S.T.E.A.M. program.  I enjoyed the way the teachers challenged me to think outside of the box and tap into my creativity.  I really love the experiments we did in class.  I also enjoyed the information we learned in astrocamp, get to move, and leadership class.


I don’t really remember what I made this for, but I think I might’ve had fun writing this, but I really need something for this week’s blog, so I put this together for y’all.

So, in the comments could y’all tell me what y’all want to do in the future I know it’s probably very cheesy, but I like learning things like this from people. 

Sorry if the blog for this week is a little boring but I didn’t really have an idea what to write. Also, it’s 4am right now while I’m writing this, and I really need to go to sleep to get a better sleep schedule for myself.

Author: Crislyn Lance

Howdy Hey! My name is Crislyn Lance, but you can call me Cris. I love reading fantasy books, and fanfics. I love creating characters and studying characters and why authors made certain characters the way they are and how that character moved the story along. I love writing fiction from stories with big dragons to stories about fairy/pixies. I love the feeling of joy I get when I write a fiction story because it allows me to express the ideas that go on in my head after a long day.

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  1. I did S.T.E.A.M. camp once at Ole Miss so it was cool reading how it helped you connect with your writing. It didn’t connect me with my writing, but it made me think deeply about what it would take to create a model ship that could withstand 2 pounds of quarters.

  2. I did a STEM camp once. I’m pretty sure it’s not the same as a STEAM camp but it sounds similar. I remember doing it in like sixth grade and they were treating us like we were in first grade. I hated it.

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